By Emma - 04/09/2012 21:38 - United States - Saint Louis

Today, I learned I'm not allergic to gluten. My mom has kept me on a gluten free diet since I was 5. She was convinced I was allergic to it. I'm 25 and I am writing this over my first slice of pizza in 20 years. FML
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Well, at least you have pizza now.

Ah a whole new wonderful world has opened up for you :)


What a bitch....

Well there must have been a reason for her to be convinced of it, I doubt she was doing it out of spite!

Yeah, what a realize you're saying that about a mother who, for all we know, was misinformed and was trying to protect her daughter? Or were you just in a rush to get something posted, so you could be first?

Well, at least you have pizza now.

true to that. my gf is allergic to gluten and I can't imagine myself being like her, at least she was born with it and didn't have to change any diets since she was born.

That pizza is going to be flushed down the toilet within 30mins of eating it. It's going to be hard to stop shitting if op doesn't introduce gluten back into their diet slowly. Good luck and I'll be waiting for your follow up fml story.

Welcome to good world of being a fat ass OP. So glad you can join us. :)


I'm allergic to gluten, but i wasn't diagnosed until much later in life. Doctors were very unaware of it in the 90's. Gluten allergies/sensitivities were more or less unheard of back then. Bizarre that your mom chose that.

There's gluten-free pizza you know?

Yeah, it is bizarre. You'd think it would be an inconvenience for the mother, too, since it would supposedly affect how she cooked. The other FML where the person was told they were allergic to chocolate when they weren't makes a bit more sense, since the mother wouldn't have to share the chocolate. But telling your kid they have a gluten allergy? What's there to gain from that?

Awww well at least your happy now!

Nobody is allergic to pizza unless you can't have cheese. I don't understand that.

that's not an fml...that's a My Life is Awesome!

131 do u even know what gluten is?? and if you're allergic to cheese when you are lactose intolerant

Gluten is in the bread.

131. I'm highly allergic to tomatoes, so I cannot have most types of pizza. OP - even though you were allergic to gluten you didn't eat it every once in a while because something looked so amazing you HAD to have it? I sure have!!

You front understand cause ur retarded.

143- there is a difference between lactose intolerance and a dairy allergy. My daughter was allergic to dairy until the age of 5 when she (mostly) grew out of it. I say mostly, because occasionally she will still break out, when prior she would have a full body eczema-like rash with any amount of dairy. I even had to switch to non-dairy diet when I was nursing because it affected her skin so much. Lactose intolerance, on the other hand, causes anything from bloating and indigestion to full-on "don't be too far from an open bathroom, because the dairy will not remain inside the body for long". Fortunately there are a few delicious brands of soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk available, and finding more non-dairy, non-caecin(sp?) frozen desserts, cheese substitutes, and yogurts. OP- hopefully after being gluten-free for so long, then introducing it to your system will not cause problems for you. A gluten-filled world is hard to maneuver when you have to be gluten-free (especially for us newly discovered gluten-intolerant/allergic carb-o-holics), at least it is something you've been accustomed to for most of your life. I am wondering the same as many others though - with all the GF products, especially those introduced within the past 10 years, how have you never had pizza? I have two GF pizza dough mixes sitting in my cupboard right now. It's not a new product. Some are spendy, but as an alternative is better than dealing with the pains. Not trying to be snarky, just genuinely wondering.

Your an idiot. Sorry. But you are. Yes you can have a lactose allergy(so it would be the cheese) but if your allergic to weat and gluten than you can't have the crust. I'm allergic to a preservative that is in a lot of foods so I have to make my own tamto sauce for pizza. It's not just the cheese people are allergic to.

122 - There's gluten-free "pizza" but it's like alcohol-free beer. It's sort of the right color, some of the smells are almost about right, and it tastes like sadness.

Yep. It is pooping out gluten that is the problem not the eating of it :c

Ah a whole new wonderful world has opened up for you :)

OP, you poor soul...20 years of your life wasted now... BUT ISN'T IT GREAT?! Welcome to the club!

Not bottoms up, toppings up! That was terrible...

It couldn't have been too bad, you had cocoa pebbles :)

I'm sure if OP had looked thoroughly around, she could have found gluten-free pizza bases or at the least gluten-free flour to make it herself, im coeliac and have had pizza many times.

I didn't know it was possible to survive without pizza... And for twenty years! Sounds like hell was just usurped.

154 - I was gluten-free for about 2 years because some quack thought I had Celiac instead of Crohn's (found out he was wrong with a 17-day hospital stay). I hate to say it, but they need to come up with a different name for GF pizza... maybe "consolation crust" or some such, because it's like going on a game show, playing for 50 grand, and winning a toaster.

I bet that you enjoyed that slice of pizza more than anyone else that I have ever known. Welcome to the wild world of gluten filled foods. We have been waiting for you

I would be so sad if I couldnt eat gluten any more :(

But how is it possible that you never had a pizza? Gluten free flour exists, you could have use it as a replacement to wheat flour and make your own pizza. I talk by experience because my brother is severely gluten intolerant. We still cook lots of different things for him. He’s got noodles, bread, cornmeal etc… Besides, I wonder of you felt after eating a pizza after 20 years without ingesting any gluten. Your body is probably not used to it and I would not be surprised if you got sick afterwards. It would be interesting to know.

IMHO a lot of the gluten free substitutes taste alright, but I have yet to find one that's an exact match. And as we all know, funny tasting pizza just ain't the same....

It tastes different, this does not mean it tastes worse :) If you had only known gluten free products in your life, you would probably think that non gluten free products taste weird.

Where I work we make gluten free pizza and it tastes even better than the normal pizza. You've been missing out OP.

#6 love your pic. Christian Bale is the sexiest ;D

Why was she convinced you were allergic to it? Throw the pizza at her face.

Why?? When you can eat that sucker up!!

she was probably one of the mums that do any and everything to protect their children, not necessarily a bad thing but it could be in some cases :)

I suggest you order an even bigger pizza and celebrate!

It was probably the closest Heaven is ever gonna get to ya while living.

It was probably the closest Heaven is ever gonna get to ya while living.

I will be there, I will go anywhere for pizza as long as there is meat lovers or sausage

All i can say is, pizza needs to be your staple diet for the next week, try em all!

Omg its a joke?! Ever heard of one....

How have you lived so long with out pizza?

Some just have the strength, I am in awe of people who r allergic to chocolate. So much self control. Well good for u know op, me my mom has put me on a glucose free diet.

Eh, it's easy to not eat things you've never tried before, regardless of how good it tastes.

127-OP has had pizza before. OP does state that she hasn't had pizza in 20 years, and she is 25. Meaning that her last slice was at age 5. So I do not see the logic in your comment.

You poor, deprived lady! What a horrible childhood you must have had without pizza!! I'm kidding, pizzas good but you aren't deprived if you don't have it, now you can appreciate it more since you didn't grow up with it

I expected a comment with random statistics in here somewhere

But imagine! You now get to try things that you have always wanted! The possibilities are endless! (I'm not saying what your mom did was right, because it wasn't. I'm just saying that you are in for some fun.)