By Levi2411
Today, I jokingly told my mother to "go fall down a hole" during a mock argument we always have. Not even 10 minutes later, our basement stairs gave out. When I said that, I didn't want her to break both her arms or to actually fall into a gaping hole. FML
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By  Eivana  |  37

Reminds me of when your rival mocked you for falling into a hole in Pokemon Crystal. "What are you doing, falling into a hole? Some genius you are. Serves you right!"

By  Glowworm56  |  25

I remember an old comic story where a man's wife gained Satanic powers and unknowingly became a emissary of Satan after sleeping in a patch of mandrake. She also had a fiery temper, so now every time she cursed someone--it actually happened. You haven't recently slept in a patch of mandrake, have you?