By Anon - 31/10/2009 11:08 - United Kingdom

Today, I invited my very animal phobic boyfriend over. I have a dog and a rabbit, who are always well behaved so I insisted they wouldn't do him any harm. My dog peed all over his shoes and my rabbit furiously humped his leg and wouldn't let go. He's now even more terrified of animals. FML
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If you knew he was afraid of them, why not put them in another room or outside?

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Rabbits hump?!


If you knew he was afraid of them, why not put them in another room or outside?

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Or get a new boyfriend? What person (especially guy) is scared of animals, especially dogs and rabbits? Unless OP is also a guy, which would explain everything

FYL for having a female reproductive organ as a boyfriend.

Is your boyfriend 10? I keep 2 cans of pepper spray on my keychain. I never had to use them on a pet, and hope I never need to.

take him to the zoo!

@21 I'm afraid of animals and have been for most of my life. I don't see why it's such a big deal. When I'm at somebody's house that has animals I ask politely if they can put them away or if we can go in a different room.

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I hate people who do things like this. If they said they're afraid, then leave them the fuck alone! Especially when it's animals. Everyone says their animals are "well-behaved." I'm sure you're okay with that happening on a regular basis and don't think anything of it, but some one who is afraid sure as hell will.

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's the funniest thing ever mainly the thought of a little bunny dry humping the shit outta his leg

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Why should I hide my animals which became part of my family just because someone lacks a pair of balls?! Srsly..

What if they get married of move in together? OP will just have to give up their animals which is something they probably won't want to do.

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Rabbits hump?!

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youtube it and yield three million results

lol that's news to me, too. I've seen dozens of pet rabbits, but never knew they were humpers! Fucking awesome.


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23 why do you know that

No they just spray sperm from their butts onto the female to get them pregnant. Yes they hump. ;)

What a sissy...

He Deserves It for being such a pansy. Animals sense fear and exploit it.

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yep! i suggest a new b.f. definitly but damn if i were you i'd be falling on the floor laughing

Oh wow, hahah.

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thats a weird combination of animals to just let them both roam around the house pissing and humping on terrified English dudes... the image I jus painted in my head is beyond odd

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Your animals are not special just because they are YOUR pets. You should have been more considerate toward your boyfriend's phobia. YDI; this isn't a FYL at all.

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If someone in your family had for example(!!) red hair and your bf was afraid of redheads, Would you tell your family member to hide as long as your bf is around?! I guess not. So stop talking shit about being insensitive.

Lolll that's greatt. I've had one of my dogs jump up on me, then the other one came & started humping her. Lovely right?

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Thats very insensitive! You should respect his fears and not make him face them!

i do believe she said "invited". and maybe he needs to stop being a pussy

"Respect his fears and not make him face them?" WTF is this. Isn't this the opposite of what you are supposed to do? I mean, if you didn't want a pansy baby for a boyfriend...

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I accidentally thumbed down! so sorry!

Well then OP and their bf could never get married or move in together.

If you love animals why are you dating an animal phobic person?

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this isnt the fucking build-a-bear at the mall...I hate comments like these. Its not like she can choose what flaws her boyfriend has

This isn't a place for hate this is a place for help. Grow a common sense gland! Lets do this tiny exercise to help... I personally hate animals, so if I hear a girl say "I have pets", I'm out. I do not go on any further because I am not going to ask her to get rid of her beloved animals for me. Simple as that. "Build-a-Bear", grow up!

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the worst - not bad enough?

#16 I have to say I respect you for that. I am an animal lover but if you really are that afraid/hating of animals, it's better to cut it off from the start than to demand a person get rid of their pets. I'm glad you go in with open eyes.