By cavallo31 - United States
Today, I invited my friends to meet up at the park. After asking twice, I finally got the text saying to meet them there. But when I got there, I realized they had already been there for a while. As I was walking up to them, I heard, "Why did you invite him?" FML
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  freddygasman  |  18

I spell it with an f all the time. F***tards, and that's exactly what they are. You deserve way better. One day when they need you they'll realise what a great person they lost.

By  absnow  |  2

I don't know why everyone is advising u to dump all friends. u heard only one guy make that comment, and may be others disliked it. so just sort that person out instead of shooting all dead

  individual00  |  14

Clearly all of his so-called friends didn't invite him to the park and ignored his texts when he asked to meet up. They're all bad friends, not just the one who said that.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Because it seems they were giving OP the runaround on when to meet, he had to text them twice, and they were there for a while before they said to come meet them. Unless one someone else stood up for OP when someone asked why he'd been invited, none of them are friends.

By  Irene_19  |  14

Well OP I hope you invite them to a little trip... out of your life. You don't need those kinds of people in your life a d hopefully fine better.

Since you only heard one of them asking that disrespectful question about you within earshot, I do hope the rest weren't like that and that "friend" isn't a friend anymore.