By imabadperson - United States
  Today, I introduced myself as a sex addict, as a joke, to break the ice while meeting new people. One of my friends took me seriously and said he was a porn addict. He told me how happy he was that he had found someone else who had the same feelings and was so happy he could confide in me. FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agreed. That isn't even amusing or an ice breaker. Confessions of addictions usually leave a room pretty quiet. YDI and have fun telling your friend you were just making fun of a condition he suffers from for your own amusement. Idiot.

  exoticfuck  |  0

op your a total faggot for posting this, get over it. its not like you really knew him. >.> and guys stop calling him a idiot for introducing himself as a sex addict. im preety sure you done the same when you were younger


wow there's a lot of people offended by the OP, I guess they are all "porn addicts" too, and by porn addict I mean bitter fat teenage guys who watch porn all the time because they cant get laid

  sublimaze  |  6

you two are perfect for each other

1. he films you having sex with "complete strangers" and streams it over the 'net via tiered pricing
2. you get all the sex you can handle
3. profit

  awesomesausage  |  14

what is it with america that sex is so awkward?? you can have guns at the age of 12 or so drive when you are 16 but sex is awkward?? (not meant to be mean or something like that)

By  Boon_fml  |  0

YDI for thinking that telling people you've just met that you're a sex addict will break the ice. If anything, I'd think it make the situation more awkward.


#8 I love your pic!!!!!

uhhhhhhh...... I'm forgeting something..... Lost in a Tim Burton trance.......

Oh, yeah!! OP, who were you meeting that would make you think that they would think a sex addict joke would be funny?

By  unknown_female  |  0

why in the world would you do that in the first place??? a first impression is a lasting impression and i bet the poor ole' man will be pretty embarrased when he finds out it was just a joke...