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Polly want an orange

Be gentle when you break the news to it, but the parrot needs to go to rehab. It might be screaming now, but the next step is orange juice injections.


Polly want an orange

Rofl, OP this is why u need a ferrari so u can jet to the store.

Polly wants your momma's sweet ass!

HowAreYouToday 34

^ -_- nobody wants that

Great, a yo momma joke fan. Like we need more of those.

29- it's not a yo momma joke. it's from Scary Movie 2? I'm not sure which but it's from one of those.

But orange you glad she didn't say bananas? (;

Everyone's thinking it... This is a true angry bird!

64, I wasn't thinking that.... I was thinking of boobs....

the girl who was in the movie paully or paully wanna cracker, idk what its called i forget...went to my school :0 but sorry about the parrot maybe try a different fruit? lol goodluck man

68-Try to make sense next time.

what didnt u understand my friend, maybe i can help u out.

*Squawk* Give me that orange, bitch! *Squawk*

i know that, my parrott likes crack a lot

Your parrot is fruity beyond belief FYL

Your parrot is fruity beyond belief FYL

Polly wants ur mama's sweet ass.

it's almost as bad as having a kid, haha

dammit #47 beat me to it

Ha. Scary Movie.

I know a good chinese recipe for orange-glased parr... I mean chicken.

1. Introduce it to Snake Venom. 2. Put a pig in it's cage.

Now spike it with Red Bull. Amazon Parrot LOVES chicken too! we sometimes give her a leg bone to chew on when she gets too hyper

if you give the bird an orange everytime it screeches, your teaching it to screech whenever it wants one.

It's from scary movie

sucks for you but lol!

You have an awesome parrot.

introduce it to meth. problem solved.

The same parrot from RWJ?

OMG I love your pic lol Al is so cute

Could be worse. You could have introduced the parrot to human flesh...

I had a friend whose last name was Krueger, who had this parakeet named Freddie...(Freddie Krueger, get it?!) This sik fuk of a bird would eat chicken & squawk for more...That's just about cannibalism!!

^cool story bro

Better get that parrot some oranges. Polly doesn't want scurvy.

Reminds me of that dog that wouldn't stop barking unless the babysitter held up a blanket for it to hump.

Be gentle when you break the news to it, but the parrot needs to go to rehab. It might be screaming now, but the next step is orange juice injections.

Orange is a serious addiction, that needs to be treated!!

I sniff Orange zest.

Or just take it out behind the woodshed and cap it :D bullet only costs 10 cents whereas a lifetime of oranges will drag you down from that new quilt you have been saving up for That would be bad :(

Mine likes to suck the juice up his asshole.

I like to suck your juice up my asshole.

It's a FML reference about the brother sucking pool water up his asshole. Chill....

Is that your new fetish? I think I love you....

ha my subs taste like oranges

49 i can tell from your pictureD:

111 is backk! And orange you glad he isnt addicted to bananas?

You're on a slippery slope now, orange is a gateway fruit to durian.

That actually sounds quite awful. FYL op!

I have a parrot too, and it does get pretty awful, they can be so damn loud!!

Buy more oranges .(:

Enjoy your ears whilst they last

Shoot the bird!!!

I second that motion. Go buy a tiny noose and USE it.

Well oranges sure seem healthier than crackers!