By iskalion - Canada - Grande Prairie
Today, I introduced my girlfriend to my parents over lunch. Unfortunately, I showed my dad her Facebook profile beforehand and he wouldn't stop making cracks about her duckfacing. It started with "Don't let her eat the bread, it'll puff up in her stomach and kill her", and ended in tears. FML
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  jttorkildson  |  21

She's asking for it by having pictures of herself, doing her thing, on her, presumably private, Facebook page? Yeah, ok. I better go take down all the photos I have on my Facebook page that random people won't approve of. I don't want to ask for someone to treat me like shit.

  leogachi  |  15

@19 Just because she's doing her own thing doesn't mean other people have to like it.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

By putting things in the open, i.e. Facebook, you are for fitting the right to privacy automatically. You are also opening yourself up to criticism from anyone who can see them. Is it nice to criticize? Who knows. But anyone is allowed to criticize when things are in a public domain. Most people post on Facebook a lot because they crave attention etc etc. it is quite reasonable to except there will be some negative comments. If one can't handle it, then don't put things in a public domain.

  ChristinePi  |  36

People are so quick to blame the victim.
The dad, an ADULT, should not be making fun of her about her photos. It's never okay to bully someone.
Also I'm sure a majority of females have posed with a duck face in at least one of their photos.


#3 Why is your comment one of the top comments? How the hell was she asking for it? She did a duck-face, that's all. It's not a crime. It's not hurting anyone. The Dad might have been joking but it's not a joke if the girl ended up crying her eyes out. She was most probably already nervous and he just made it worse!

  lolhailsatan  |  23

What's wrong with you people saying the dads actions were appropriate??? This poor girl was probably nervous already to meet her boyfriends parents, and then to make it 1000x worse, this guys asshole dad had to ridicule her to the point of tears! and over what, some silly pictures?? damn yall are cold

  PANDORUM89  |  21

I don't understand people that are getting their panties in a wad. My family is close knit and as sarcastic as they come. Every newcomer gets treated like the rest of us and if you can't handle it then you aren't right for the family. If you can't take a joke then politely ask that they stop, however I believe it is safe to assume that she didn't speak up and therefore the father who was making jokes kept on thinking he was being funny.
People aren't mind readers and in my family every single person that either is dating someone or married in, and didn't get along well with the family, ended up with divorce papers or single. The ones that spoke up about what was or was not okay and had a sense of humor is still around today.
people need to relax and stop being offended about every fucking thing that's done or said.

  KayDee29  |  31

#54 PREACH. My family is the exact same way. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Society has lost its funny bone and nowadays everybody is butt hurt about something. If she didn't speak up, you're exactly right that he wouldn't have known he was hurting her feelings. In my family, you HAVE to have a voice or everyone will keep going and laughing, and not that we maliciously joke about each other but we will poke fun at things most people wouldn't dare talk about. In my opinion, it's built my sisters and I up, and it's made us more resilient in our everyday lives. Sarcasm and joking around is healthy. People need to stop getting so offended so easily.

  tantanpanda  |  26

^nowhere did I say I had a problem with reading. No one cares about sob stories on FML. You should get your head examined since you made such a stupid assumption.

  mattzawesome  |  28

She deserves to be reduced to tears during a meal because of some goofy Facebook photos. I mean it doesn't convey maturity to take duck face photos but that's a bit over the top.

  rileyrae0000  |  23

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  Mauskau  |  35

I went to school with a girl who would duck face in every photo, everyone else would be smiling and it'd be a really nice photo and then she's spoiling it with a duck face. One time I mentioned it'd be a great photo if everyone was smiling (I didn't like her much for multiple reasons) so she had a vendetta against me. It was slightly amusing, she'd always try and get her friends to take pictures with me whilst she's pulling a duck face. In the end she was the one that looked ridiculous. :)