By EchoDearEcho - 04/02/2010 14:52 - Australia

Today, I introduced my girlfriend to my parents. My mother turned to me and said, "Wait you're actually gay? I thought you were just saying that to piss off your father." I came out to her when I was 16, and have confided in her about my past relationships. FML
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I'm afraid this will happen when I meet my girlfriend's parents. I'm sorry, OP.

She thought you had the past relationships to piss off your dad as well.


Ajjas013 6

Because I had to... THREESOME!

emo_cow_fml 0

I'm bisexual xD!!!

Nobody cares.

yeah dude nobody gives a shit that your gay nor do we want to hear about your gayass drama so go sonewhere else with your story

fuck you for saying no one cares cuz she's gay

You really should be more considerate.

stfu douchebag.

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you guys are pretty fucking stupid... op is a girl not a guy. so when u here the word "gay" don't fucking flip out and say she's a guy or make fun of gays

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well now she knows :)

So... What did dad say?

Wow, sucks shit, dude. :/

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she deserves it because homosexuality is a sin and is obviously bad!

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So are divorces and eating shellfish.

105, are you serious?! live your own fucking life and go preach to people who actually give 2 shits.

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who u fuckin jerk people don't choose to be gay hell with the Christian faith saying u can't be gay good loves everybody no mattter who u love!!!!

No, #105 was obviously not being serious. It seemed to me like was completely being sarcastic here, saying the opinion of the person above and hoping that everyone reading him would catch on on the nonsense that he had just written. Though I agree sarcasm is much harder to understand in its written form.

eating shellfish..really..? gtfo

I'm afraid this will happen when I meet my girlfriend's parents. I'm sorry, OP.

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my mom is the same way everytime I talk about a girl she pretends that she didn't hear me :(

that's cool that your in the army n gay;-) good for you, even though it's not open sexuality

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I kno this is off subject but how can I put a picture up? OP- some parents really are in denial they believe it's not happening!

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lol I want to know about the picture too

Go to the official FML website. Log in

She thought you had the past relationships to piss off your dad as well.

then don't be gay.. faggot..

saranottelling 7

Last time I checked people don't just hop out of bed and say, "Okay, I think I'm going to be gay today!" Gay people also don't hop out of bed and say, "I'm tired to being gay. It's time to be straight!"

namhowell 6

Better being a faggot than being arrogant! Sometimes I wonder why such advanced country is still so far behind on equal rights compared to the European nations let say; and full of idiotic close-minded, arrogant pricks? This topic should not be a debate anymore, people should not be shocked at the idea of one being gay anymore.

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Kudos to 18!! OP's mom reminds me of my aunt 'cause she called my friend the f word because I guess his voice is kinda high and we were in a musical.. wanted to smack her, still do. i kinda think im bi but im not sure *sigh* OP, your happiness is what matters more than your mom's close minded beliefs i hope one day we'll all live in a world where theress no prejudice and theres total harmont.. C:


Hey idiots. Obvious Troll is Obvious.


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homosexual troll is gay

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IN THE NAVY, BLAH BLAH THE SEVEN SEAS, IN THE NNAVYYYY. Lol sorry I'm drunk. Gay ftw lol. :P

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/facepalm moron

Never underestimate the power of denial.

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Yeah even after my mom caught me and my girlfriend making out and we got caught by her parents "in the act" my mom still denied it for 3 years.