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Maybe he has a good reason for saying that? After all you have been divorced twice...


He sounds like a sweet man

How can you deserve this?

Sound like a good time

Maybe his dad did it to help him, by saving him the cost of another divorce:)

Did anybody else think of Ross from Friends?

I thought of Ross from friends too haha

What a cock blocker

This reminded me of that one Kevjumba video ;P

FYL. Your dad didn't need to say that :| I'm sorry, OP.

And the ironic thing is your picture is a cock

Not the actual definition of irony but ok.

Maybe he has a good reason for saying that? After all you have been divorced twice...

OP could have been widowed twice, you never know!

I would be concerned if that was the case, 35.

35) widowed and divorced are two very different things.

41- Yes, yes they are. The FML doesn't specify though.

Third time is the charm eh?

If the he really divorced 2 times already, then their is probably something wrong with that guy, I'm just saying

41- I am aware of that,but the fml doesn't specify. Op could have just had very bad luck and had both of their previous spouses die.

Maybe it wasn't his fault both times. Maybe his previous wives both cheated on him.

Dads always know what to say! :/ sorry about that though

Except when they don't. |the kid|

Well maybe third time will be the harm.

charm*? ... or is there some pun i'm not seeing here.

It was a typo not a pun.

So by harm you mean 3rd divorce? Or maybe worse! (yes I know it was a typo)

Tell her your pops just likes to mess with your wives, err, girlfriends, and to ignore his crazy ramblings.

I hope this wasn't the first time she had heard about your 2 previous marriages.

There is also the possibility op's father was lying and in fact that op had never been married before.

then op would've said his dad lied about him being divorced twice and to get out while you can

Thats a dick move..

I hate when people talk about your previous women that died spontaneously while you were married to them... Ohh that's not what you said was it.. This is Akward

You had a wife that died of "natural causes" too. Right?

One quite naturally dies when oxygen stops entering the brain. So ya I can say that too.