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  _TONGAN_  |  7

no #52...not because he's gangsta but because it's what a man would do! I mean you seem like the kid who only gets in cyber fights like typing fearlessly and pressing the keyboard with great force!!!!

  Cinn_fml  |  34

I don't take painkillers unless I absolutely have too, maybe I'm just weird in that respect... Not to mention, if you take too many you can do more damage to something as you can't feel it hurting at all, even when you're straining it...


Today, I was in a restaurant bathroom, when another girl walked in. I have anxiety issues, and couldn't leave my stall until the other person went first. She rushed into a stall and had violent diarrhea for a good 10 minutes. FML

By rachelhope / Friday 11 July 2014 17:07 / United States - Dundalk
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