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man I woulda punched em back.

Intern much?


wow that sucks, sorry op

YDI for getting hit by a car. YDI for complaining about someone who was helping you out.

Youu should have kicked him/her back.

how do they end up punching you? was it a girl and you said to her "WTF arnt you ment to be in the kitchen?" if you did YDI

that sucks that u got hit in the face with a car

I think you misspunctuated it should say "accidentally"

Take it like a man. 

suck it up

Why was the paramedic receiving medical attention?

Hahaha! I like the way you phrased that 34.

A boot medic wouldn't do that shit. Unless you stole his skittles or porn. You should write a letter.

oh shut up you bitch

I stole your porn, 78... :p

Maybe you just have a puch-able face.

Maybe the paramedic didn't need the medical attention, it seems you needed more!

Schitzo... your comment's back. Hahahahaha.

did you accidentally cry? or did u accidentally kick his ass?

i call fake

Or a poem, 78

ilshtidmcb that's all I have to say

lol FYL

Ouch! Shoulda punched him back OP.

Your profile scares me.

he was just trying to knock u out so that he could take your wallet

man I woulda punched em back.

Let me guess... because youre gangsta?

I am pretty gangster myself.

52...i bet he could knock you out, the only type of fights you get into are with you sister... just sayin

61 is hot:)

no #52...not because he's gangsta but because it's what a man would do! I mean you seem like the kid who only gets in cyber fights like typing fearlessly and pressing the keyboard with great force!!!!

That's a dick move who knows they've could run out of aneasthetics.

well now you entire face hurts, lifting the burden of pain off of your jaw

Bad bad luck

Intern much?

Ouch. This might be a case where painkillers are your friend.

I don't take painkillers unless I absolutely have too, maybe I'm just weird in that respect... Not to mention, if you take too many you can do more damage to something as you can't feel it hurting at all, even when you're straining it...

Hey! Be thankful he's there to help. Not an easy job and maybe it wasn't an accident. DUN DUN DUN!

Shoulda punched back and said it was a reflex an break his jaw :)

worst thing I ever heard dumbass.

I agree, why would you break his jaw? Dumbass.

true *BAM* ouch WTF. sorry accident :

OP probably has bad karma catching up to him.

26 + 28 Thats comming from a steroids and an anorexic man yea -.-

nightskyx... maybe your a tad jealous.. hmm

He's jealous because we actually think before we post. He's just an idiot. :)

You see the double rainbow in your substraight? it's goes all the way across the pic