By booty backfire - 01/05/2014 17:31 - United States

Today, I hurt my back, and now I have to lie on my stomach for twenty minutes every hour so I can ice the pain. My boyfriend won't stop using my ass as bongo drums every time. FML
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"I just wanna bang on my drum all day!"

He just appreciates your assets.


"I just wanna bang on my drum all day!"

At least he's not doing the Tyler the Creator ass trampoline

Needs more Cowbell. Gotta have more Cowbell...

At least he's not sneaking up on you like an indian warrior and giving you surprise anal.

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#18, if you look above you, you can perhaps spot the joke that flew way over your head. No really, lighten up.

Rape jokes aren't funny. Go ahead and thumb me down but it scares me that people would thumb down those who speak out against rape jokes and then thumb up the person who made one. Go ahead and tell me to lighten up but I won't because its not fucking funny.

He just appreciates your assets.

Yea, a nice ass is a wonderful thing. *listens to the drumming* from the sound of things OP...

the rare art of ass drumming

Finally somebody recognizes that it is truly a lost art. I was lucky enough to be blessed with the skills to do it on myself. Lol

Edit from last: When I said do it on myself, I meant my stomach. And it was a sarcastic comment.

Music helps heal all the pain! Feel the music and you will heal

I'm sure she can feel the music

unless its Gangnam style

Well let's just hope the music isn't hurting her further. If it's lower back pain, or even wild drumming.. it probably doesn't feel that great.

I can see how that can be inconvenient

but having your head in someone's ass is fine right

He sounds like a fun guy. Just enjoy the playfull attention.

depending on how she hurt her back, this could be quite painful.

Hopefully her boyfriend wouldn't do it, if it was causing her extra pain. That would just be cruel.

Lol i do the same to my gf it's the best drumset known to man (:

He sounds more like a pain in the ass.

Just fart, then he'll stop

That or he'll ask her to toot along with the beat, get the whole band going.

The fart would be a wind instrument right?

They'll be banging all the time...