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By  jbuckets_404  |  36

Well, of COURSE, she has a valid reason to be upset about your wedding plans: her new puppies haven't been included yet in the ceremony, silly girl. Smh.... /tongue-in-cheek, teasing

By  Sinshine  |  25

It's your wedding. If she doesn't take it serious and gets herself excluded that's her problem, not yours. And even if you were selfish (which you don't seem to be), it's your wedding. It's ok to be selfish about your own wedding. So long story short: Tell your mom that you're planning your wedding yourself because she's not taking it serious enough.

By  bloopaloop  |  16

Yup, you're the bride and she mother of bride. Also, at 5 months out its only getting worse. Enjoy visits with your parents, but have a wonderful life with your spouse!