By Anonymous - United States
Today, I helped my parents move out of their old house. While I was guiding my dad down the stairs with the couch, my mom asked me to pick up the tape on the step below me. I bent over and grunted. My dad thought I said "Go" and kept moving. He knocked me down two flights of steps. FML
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  Hide_Yo_Kids  |  0

"don't worry happen to me and my ma all the time". don't be an idiot and question another person for some errors in their sentence, use your brain and you can figure it out :)


It's a couch. I doubt the dad was carrying it by himself. I'm assuming the OP was holding the other end, though his dad was holding the majority of the weight. And, despite that, OP's mom was still in the wrong.

  ILoveEmoes  |  9

Or let's be optimistic: OP was knocked backwards (I assume) down two flights of stairs and is still able to write an FML! Yaaaay life and full use of a body that could have been handicapable by now!


let me push a sofa down the stairs with you standing in front .. and to mix it up , lets throw in a pool of alligators at the bottom of the stairs .. then we'll see how manly you are afterwards.