By gooddeedgonebad - / Sunday 26 May 2013 09:19 / Australia
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'Tis true. I am one of the best and nicest workers in to program that I work in and now I have a shoulder injury that will never heal. nor stop hurting.

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OP: I'm going to help her! Man: No, I am! Old Lady: I just want to reach the sidewalk *cries* Man: Now look what you've done. OP: DIE, Good Samaritan! *tosses him down the stairs* I want to see this happen.


Yeah it's like that banking commercial where they have 50,000 dollars in a suit case and give it to a complete stranger for them to watch while they run and do something. I'm like there is no way! I don't even trust someone to hold my water let alone anything important.

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