By Anonymous - 13/10/2010 16:22 - United States

Today, I held my cousin's new baby, whom I have nicknamed Canteloupe Head. He then reenacted the Exorcist by projectile vomiting all over my lap and shirt. His mom is a firm believer in karma. FML
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perdix 29

Even the baby knew you misspelled cantaloupe! It would be great if the vomit stream was bright orange.

YDI- never insult peoples babies.


And so do I now! fail comment wow...

Hope it doesn't start levitating!

Never mind levitating. That would be cool! Beware the baby if it turns its head around 360 degrees...

Karma doesn't exist. FYL for having imbeciles as parents.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Sorry... but who names a baby Cantaloupe Head?

36 - It isn't OP's parents. Re-read.

38 that's the nickname OP gave the baby.

#38 Someone who thinks said baby's head resembles a cantaloupe! OP Now I dare say I do believe karma!

perdix 29

Even the baby knew you misspelled cantaloupe! It would be great if the vomit stream was bright orange.

perdix 29

Nice try, Sneaky Editor! Originally, it was "Cantelope," but you tried to fix it and make me look bad. You reduced the spelling errors in that word by half. C-A-N-T-A-L-O-U-P-E

cowgod123 0


perdix 29

Didi, it is always my pleasure to help when I can. May I suggest that if a post is edited after it has been originally published, you put a little notation like "Edited for spelling at 5:00 pm?" It would prevent us early birds from looking like idiots when we catch the errors early but then they get fixed. That one a few days ago where the original said "desert" when "dessert" was intended is a glaring example for the need for such a notation. Using "desert" changed the whole meaning and TheIrishJaneDoe and I ran with it only to see it quietly fixed later. Merci, perdix

Cates500 0


Good job! You want a cookie?

Cates500 0

I've got some already

awwww, but I wanted to be third. :(

#3 Put a fucking shirt on, or work on your abs more.

3 - you look like Justin Bieber. (I didn't notice until you put it in your info. XD)

lolthegame 0

clap clap

YDI- never insult peoples babies.

imcutefml 0


Cantaloupe is misspelled, "who" should be "whom," and "of" should be "in." All these mistakes made this very hard to read, much like this comment. is whom, there is no of...

There isn't now. OP said "believer of karma" and it's magically been changed to "believer in karma."

And now all three corrections have been made. I've been played like a didgeridoo.  It's a conspiracy!

52 - One of your FMLs have been posted?! It seems like nobody ever gets accepted!

52 - I lol'd at your pic

docbastard is right,you made a lot of grammatical errors...


ydi for picking on a baby. you fail.

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

YDI... You jackass for talking about the baby like that...

I agree with 7. That's like calling a newborn puppy a bag of shit.

The baby probably thinks of you as Poopyhead. When he gets older and learns profanity you'll be called Dickhead. In his adult years he'll call you Hardhead. Then when you die you'll be promoted to Deadhead. And he'll be happy upon hearing of your death if you're still a jerk. OP, you can prevent this by being a Goodhead.

lol ahh,,good job, you made me laugh over a computer screen. ps. is your hair naturally like that or is that your bed-head?

Thanks I try my best :) . That's actually what it looks like about 7 minutes after showering :) . I dried it too fast and didn't comb and that ended up happening. But now my hair is longer and I keep it combed and under a beanie, so it looks flat : / . I'm growing my hair to look like Marty Friedman's during the Rust in Peace era. I'll update my photo on Halloween so everyone can see. +7 internets if you know who I'm talking about.

And I got it like 3 minutes after in the Bedhead comment. Man I'm scramble brained today :p. I'm really more of a Led Head :? .

you are quite amusing :)

Cyosaric 0

Megadeth wins.

Scatterbrained *

I'm so scatterbrained I can't remember the word scatterbrained. :$

ohthebloodygore 16

What's wrong with scramble brain?! Idiot. Yes, you. You're an idiot. :]

I'm growing my hair to look like Marty too =) I'm so glad I found a Megadeth fan. Here in Saudi Arabia, all the metalheads are Metallica fans..

sniperkitten 0

You should have then vomited on canteloup head's mom for revenge