By Anonymous - United States - Blue Springs
Today, I held hands with the boy I like. Without thinking, I commented that his right hand is softer, as if he only used lotion on that one hand. And then we stood there in terribly awkward silence. FML
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  Wimoweh  |  10

Yeah it's Jill, just hold out your right hand, the thumb and index finger make the "J," the middle finger is an "I" and the ring and pinky are the "L"s.

By  mkid232  |  15

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  mkid232  |  15

How in the world was that too subtle? I guess my mind's eye and everyone else's differs, but good lord I didn't expect to get so many negatives...

  DjeePee  |  24

Somehow I find 6's comment rather sexistic towards men. It's a little strange to link masturbation to 1) being single and 2) desperately needing a relationship. You can be single, horny and yet keep some proper standards towards relationships.

  folgy  |  10

DjeePee you're the first female I have seen who has actually defended a male stating they actually do want a deeper connection with a female other than sex. I salute you mam.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I agree with 36. However, I dated a guy once who only thrived on masturbation, relationship or not. He said he could never depend on girls to fulfill his needs yet he had just got out of a 13 year relationship/marriage. When I would ask about why he liked masturbation so much better, he said it was to record his "memories." I dodged a bullet with that one!