By nograd4mee - Germany
Today, I held a presentation about my masters thesis. Turns out, my professor never ever actually read the drafts I'd given him, but decided to rip me to pieces in front of everyone, saying that the topic isn't worth researching. I've been working on it for six months. FML
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By  Miolene  |  6

You should have replied back with "Well it would have helped if you had been doing your job, why didn't you say something back when I showed you the drafts?" you need to stand up for yourself OP, because no one else will.

  mintcar  |  9

Shut up little girl. Don't make comment about things you nothing about. You're a ninth grader.

Anyways OP, writing a masters thesis or a dissertation proposal isn't exactly a walk in the park. Some professors are asshole, I'm sorry.

I'm a little confused though. You've been working on your thesis for 6 months and never went by his office to get feedback on any of your drafts?

  Jewelofagal  |  2

#27 -- exactly right. If the OP wasn't receiving any feedback of substance the entire six months YDI on her as she should have been following-up and asking questions to solicit her prof's input all along.

  mysterysketch  |  0

I'm not gonna sit here and call you "little girl", and say you don't know what you're talking about.....but JEEZ.

You shouldn't make inane assumptions about college just because someone told you about it. Until you start going to a university (or a community college in your case), I suggest you hold your tongue and learn a little something called respect.

And second of all, don't go on someone's page with the intention of being rude if you don't even know them. Because when you do that, people KINDA tend to assume you're belligerent and tactless.

  itisme_fml  |  9

#1, ever considered not speaking about things you don't know of? Let me tell you this - OP's situation, though it happens, is not the order of the day.

OP, I feel bad for you on one hand. But it is also true that you might have wanted to talk to your professor more; though if he just kept saying “yes” for everything, I can’t say how it would have helped you. Let us know if he passed you or not.
In our University, they tell the MS students to present their proposal in front of their committee even if it is not the University requirement. I can see how that might have helped in your case. Though it is usually, it is a committee member who has trouble with the proposal, not the adviser, unless he/she is a jerk. I am doing my Ph.D. and we have to defend the proposal.

  Fortuitous  |  0

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  iMuffinKat  |  16

Oh I thought #1 was a guy at first. And what do you mean "creeping"? He/She wasn't creeping. You set your face as your profile picture for anyone and everyone on FML to see. What did you expect? For people not to look at your pic? The whole point of a profile picture is so people will look at it.

  c8750  |  2

I tried to do a paper on the physiological & mental effects of marijuana & at first my professor said it was ok but when I came in with research she told me I had to do it on something else . Sorry OP. I know how you feel

  junying  |  0

i would do that too. very unprofessional of your professor. he does not deserve to be teaching you. seriously, that guy needs to know his place.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

A formal complaint would be pointless. Its a dissertation (OK, Masters Thesis, I know the difference).
She's suppose to be defending her research. I know it sucks that her thesis adviser didn't read her stuff and help her prepare. She's not just suppose to sit there and be a passive observer. I know its intimidating to have a panel of people who are more advanced in the field critique your work, but you've still got to push through it.
I was given an "unsolvable problem" for my thesis, without being told it was unsolvable. The point was that I should be able to figure that out through the research and defend my conclusion.

  dlangel  |  2

I think a complaint or at least a discussion with the prof would be best- otherwise they're getting paid for nothing and you may not learn as much as you should.

  Galex7471  |  4

No, not at all. I'm quite surprised they've only been working on it 6 months, most of my friends working on their theses have been working on it for at least a year or two.

By  Miolene  |  6

You should have replied back with "Well it would have helped if you had been doing your job, why didn't you say something back when I showed you the drafts?" you need to stand up for yourself OP, because no one else will.

By  flapdoodle  |  2

you're not allowed to earn a graduate degree without a certain amount of suffering. It' part of the program. Suck it up and work harder or figure out who you need to blow.