By dontbadouche - 01/02/2010 13:45 - Senegal

Today, I heard the sound of footsteps in the basement. Thinking it was burglars I grabbed a baseball bat and hurried down the stairs. I then tripped on the stairs, fell down them and smacked my head on the bat. The sound of footsteps I heard? It was my cat playing in some cardboard boxes. FML
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At least you didn't call the cops.


what a dumb ass nigger is OP

Ever heard of grammar?

wow your cat must be fat if his movement sounds like human footsteps. my cats' do :D

Hey look I tagged onto the first comment so everyone can read what I said.

Hey, wow! Did you want a cookie?

YDI for having a cat. Why not a rabbit? Dog?Rat? Kangaroo? Ostrich? Giraffe? Antelope?Cow? Chicken? Duck? Frog? Zebra? Last but not least, a platypus?

What about a elephant? Cow? Goldfish? Red fish? Blue fish? One fish? Or maybe even two fish?

your avatar adaquately describes you.

SECOND my fail was equal to his

2-nobody gives a fuck

I would piss myself.

At least you didn't call the cops.

Your cat wanted crack and was about to mug you when you came down. What do you do? You gain wrist control and pull out your gun.

Hahahahahaha! best comment

I love that video

that's what you get for owning a cat. most disgusting and pathetic animal ever.


yes I agree. cats should be wiped off the face of the earth

you know that's what caused the black plague? the people thougt cats were evil and witchy and stuff so they killed a lot. there was no natural predator for the rats anymore, so they multiplied and started getting infected.... and then 1/3 of the population was wiped out. yay!