By concernedsis - 04/02/2016 14:53 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I heard some gossip at school about a weird kid who supposedly jerks off at every house he visits. They were talking about my brother. FML
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Let's hope it's just gossip...

Did he also do it in a drug test cup?


Let's hope it's just gossip...

kred 21


IAmzephyr 22

with all these downvotes, looks like you're getting shrekt

At least your pun is ogre

They're all a couple of jerk offs

They're all two jerk offs?

I've heard of peeing to mark your territory. Not much different from jerking of really.

OP's brother is trynna mark his territory.

It Takes balls to do jerk off in every house you visit.

Is your brother a hound dog by any Chance?

I think you mean "horn dog."

You might want to warn your brother about those rumors

Probably happens a lot in Georgia

there's a kid named Ben that jacks off everywhere just hope it's not him

I hope it's just a rumor. But maybe tell or ask your brother about it. Rumors most of the time start with something little and gets bigger and faker everytime its passing someone.