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Today, I heard my grandma sobbing in her room. After finally convincing her to tell me what was wrong, she confessed to watching a porn video last night. She thinks not being able to sleep afterwards is a sign that God is punishing her, and that she's damned our family to hell. FML
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What's really sad is that Grandma was only watching a shampoo commercial and confused it for ****.


I'd hope so, otherwise I'm damned to hell for 10,000 lifetimes by now.

14 - 10,000? That's some endurance bro. And some loneliness....

To be fair, only 9,950 of those were for masturbating. The others were from stealing candy from a baby.

#53 hope you washed your hands before eating that candy

ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

In my personal opinion, God is all about being made up

I hope 53 washed his hands before going anywhere near a baby.

Roskosity 22

How did she come up with that?!

Well, based on the recent number of grandparent-related fmls, grannies are naturally crazy! :D

groovycrazyjoe 18

if she's going to hell the two grand parents who got caught in the car in another fml is going to burn in it

Jacobkal 8

Well those future family dinners are going to be awkward now.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

"So, honey, have you taken to the new sexual trends I saw in that video? Which cups do I need to stay away from?"

groovycrazyjoe 18

sorry OP fyl because I wouldn't want to know my grandma was watching ****

Well, I guess that means I've got a one way ticket to hell.

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If that's the case then a lot of families are going to hell.

God's not punishing her, he just doesn't want her to go to sleep until she's found someone to act out the scene she saw.

I think most families would be damned for hell in that case

What's really sad is that Grandma was only watching a shampoo commercial and confused it for ****.

Can't really tell the difference between some of them, truth be told.

jramirez16 9

Or she switched it to a Spanish channel lol damn horny Mexicans!!

"This looks like that pornography ..." (Wait, wasn't that a yogurt commercial?)

oj101 33

Today's religion is tomorrow's mythology.

McNikk 15

I'm sorry but was this comment really necesary?

Wealthyparrot 9

It's true, you don't believe in Zeus do you? Plus, is any comment necessary?

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It is. That stuff is da best.

Why is there this sudden influx of people saying da and dat? Is the extra letter really that hard to type.

McNikk 15

@21: No but that's just one example. I suppose not but if a comment must be made than it would be better if the comment was directly related to the original post (or at least added on to an already existing discussion).

37 I'm curious as to how the comment does not relate to the post. He's only stating that he thinks religion is myth. so if you're saying that this does not relate to the op's post then that means everyone else who is talking about God and hell which is of a religious nature shouldn't be posting comments under this FML either

jramirez16 9

N now it's necessary for me to have some!!! D:

McNikk 15

@56: The other posts that mention religon are talking about things or making jokes about op's situation. This guy just posted a random opinion that doesn't have anything to do with the op just to start up a religous fight.

The only religious fight that has been started here is between me and you so far. And besides FML is full of randomness, that's why some comments are so funny. Now granted the original comment wasn't to hilarious but to condemn one random opinion is to condemn them all. However, if you would like to voice your disapproval please do so with the thumbs down button this would be much easier and less likely to start a comment war.

I think that what #10 means is that what was a normal and socially acceptable belief in the grandma's day (watching **** would send a family to hell) is now not a commonly held view and more likely to be laughed off or posted on FML. So religion is turning into mythology.

Yes yes it most definatly was nessacary...grammer nazis go nuts

@103 Actually, it isn't the religion itself that's turning mythology (Christianity is still a widely held belief and popular religion worldwide) but certain views within that religion that are no longer believed or practiced.

thatonegirlnic 10

I wish that people understood God is about love, not hating people.

Tell that to all the homophobes, atheist haters and westboro.

jramirez16 9

Tell that to the preacher walking behind me yelling that we are "all going to die!!!" just because I wouldn't stand listening to him for 30 minutes

thatonegirlnic 10

I said God, not people. No person on Earth is perfect, and many have a skewed understanding of what it means to be a Christian. Hence all the hatred.