By Anonymous - United States
Today, I heard my boyfriend of 3 months talking with his friend, not knowing I could hear them. "Tonight's the night," my boyfriend says. "I'm finally going to tell her I love her!" I got really excited, deciding i loved him too. Then his friend says, "Awesome! But what about Kayla?" I'm Kayla. FML
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By  ChrisFrancia  |  0

lmao thats great

By  Phillay632  |  0

That's pretty sad. Perhaps you should have better communication in your future relationships. If you two were open and honest with each other, this never would have happened. Also, you should definitely be more cautious and observant. Given that you had no idea what (or who) this guy was doing in his spare time, you clearly deserved that one. Nonetheless, your boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend, apparently) is a total douche. You could certainly do much better. Live and learn from your mistakes.

  Unlucky_Gun  |  0

Hey idiot, don't assume OP needs better communcation skills and they aren't open and honest with each other because you don't know that and you can't prove it. You suck. You fail. Your totally dumb. OP doesn't deserve it. The reason why you voted YDI is invalid and stupid. Don't vote YDI if you don't have a good reason why you voted it

  Unlucky_Gun  |  0

Don't say OP isn't cautious or observant because she probably isn't with her boyfriend 24/7 and she can't tell what he's doing behind her back. What is she supposed to do, hire someone with a video camera to walk around behind him making sure he doesn't cheat? Is that what you'd do because your apparently better? HAHAHAHAHA!! Sorry, it's just hilarious how dumb some people are. This is clearly a FYLand you're clearly retarded