By IamAflyingCat - 22/10/2013 09:12 - United States

Today, I heard crashing noises coming from my dining room. I got up to see what it was; my asshat cat was flinging himself at my chandelier. He'd figured out how to grab the ceiling fan from the other room, build momentum, and launch into my expensive chandelier. Hooray. FML
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Even when cats are having fun they'll find a way to inadvertently ruin your life.

Please record him.


Even when cats are having fun they'll find a way to inadvertently ruin your life.

Replace "even" with "especially".

At least the cats ruin your life with style. I give the cat a 10 for originality.

Shit that cat knows more about physics than I do XD

How is it I got so lucky with my cats? I keep hearing stories like this FML and the worst my cats do is trip me due to how often they rub on my leg.

Further proof cats are worthless.

Your cat must be the life of the party.

You're a douche #112

This from a person who has someone getting his head blown off as an avatar. You have deep issues.

Maybe the cat thought he was Spider Pig

YouTube, OP. I demand it.

You should get a really smart dog so you can watch an epic chase scene unravel in your very own home!

When Bills Murray tells you to do something, you fucking do it.

You should know from just being on FML that cats lead to trouble.

Yea theres a readon DOGS are mans best friend.

Yes, but cats are still mans friend.

there's* reason* YOU'RE welcome. I'm sorry. You looked stupid.

White girl probs

and budgies too!

Please record him.

Yes! I want this on YouTube within the hour!

ManicGypsy 22

Yes, video is needed (with link!) please, please, please!!!

My first thought was please tell me there's video. Opay need it to win a funny video contest to replace the chandelier.

I came to make the same request. video of this is a must. the internet will never be the same! more cats!

Sorry, but that's actually pretty cool from the mental image I'm getting.

Evel Catnievel.

#7, You're fired

JosephMoore - Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of this commenting crap. Just mail me my final paycheck.

I hear the advertising department may need some help, and I believe that you will be able to express and enjoy yourself there.

Wow, that is one acrobatic cat.

Or acrobaticat. Not as good as acrocat, but just putting it out there.


It's not all that bad atleast you have a free running cat.

can you say outside cat

Outside cat.

Outside ca---... Outsi---... Out---- DAMNIT!