By jobless - 09/07/2014 05:02 - United States - Buffalo

Today, I heard back from a company that I recently interviewed with. They told me I didn't get the job because "it was obvious that I had been coached." I wasn't. Sorry that I actually researched the company unlike the rest of the nit-wit candidates. FML
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iOceanus 18

You're qualified for the job, so we can't hire you. The logic. -.-

That's unfortunate OP seems quite dickish for them to say that Better luck next time!


That's unfortunate OP seems quite dickish for them to say that Better luck next time!

@OP, That doesn't make sense. If you're more qualified for that position than most others, then why would they reject you? Wouldn't they be losing profit due to the fact that someone with less experience couldn't work at the same pace as yourself?

Just because he did some research one. the company, that doesn't mean he was more qualified than everyone else. It doesn't even mean he was means he knew about the company.

raspution 21

Sadly most people won't hire someone who researches the company since they seem like to good of an employee and it might make the manager look bad later if their employees are better then them.

raspution 21

Why don't people like the truth anymore they just want to thumb it down and act like the world is perfect.

Fuck the world. I up-voted everyone.

incoherentrmblr 21

When one door closes, they say another door or a window opens. Sometimes though, it seems you have to break both of them down to get any where. Either, there will be other, better opportunities...

iOceanus 18

You're qualified for the job, so we can't hire you. The logic. -.-

I was going to say that. But really that's not fair. They should've at least asked you first

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Another stroke of brilliance, #2, companies only wanting job applicants that currently have jobs. That's such a stupid policy. Bypass all the qualified individuals needing jobs, to steal an individual from another job site.

Wizardo 33

Clearly that would be a reason to get hired, you have more experience and you bothered to make an effort for this stupid interview. Frankly, if this company can't see past the deluge of its own stupidity then fuck it, you don't want to work there.

While all that's true #3, OP might really need the job for financial reasons.

If they don't believe you then they don't deserve you.

Siettadulce 21

While you didn't get the job, it's always great to do research. Great habit to have. Good luck in your future job search OP!

I'm sorry OP. If all businesses ran logically, we wouldn't be trillions of dollars in debt.

Actually we would. The debt is because of the government, not private corporations/businesses

you're right its just the government. not any of the people living here on others money are to putting us in debt either. "right"

The government put them on our money.

Private organizations run the government through lobbying. They spend billions of dollars to change the laws they want, and it pretty much is entirely their fault we're in debt.

I did not know that. If what you say is true then yeah they are to blame. But America is still the best xD

QueenofWheels 13

Could always move to another country

ThomasBombadil 31

Why would you want to work for idiots like that?

Because money is quite useful, even if you are subservient to idiots.

Honestly? You're better off without them. If they don't want to hire you because you know more about their company than other candidates, then they probably won't be around for long. It's incredibly stupid for them to turn you away because you bothered to research the company beforehand.

I don't see why being coached would be a bad thing anyways. Sorry op good luck in future interviews hopefully you find a company that values extra effort!

That's....not understandable. Doesn't make sense....