By kryan012 - 20/02/2013 13:54 - United States - Savannah

Today, I heard a commercial for a great apartment complex. Includes food, snacks, entertainment, activities, cleaning service, and transportation services if you cannot drive yourself. I was really excited until the end when they repeated the name; too bad my perfect place is a senior center. FML
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I thought it sounded strange that they were offering all that in an apartment...

You will be eligible for that place sometime later in your life


I thought it sounded strange that they were offering all that in an apartment...

TheDrifter 23

But it's a great idea. I think I'm gonna draw up plans for a young persons center on that plan. All 1 bedroom suites, no children. I'll bet it would be huge with college kids and young workers.

oj101 33

Nearly every apartment building has a doorman, or at least a concierge service along other facilities such as a gym/child care centre.

Ayeasha 7

39- it would be like the movie Accepted. :) I would totally live there

oj101 33

#56 - pretty much in any medium to large city.

Where the hell do you live, #48. I'm looking for a house at the moment and am having trouble finding one with basic amenities...let alone one with foods, entertainment, activities and cleaning services!! :O

Seniors are fun! Get your grandmother to live with you and do it.

Wiringify 22

With her... Wait what? Nevermind.

Well, what are you waiting for? Break a leg! Or a hip! Go hard-of-hearing or go home!

as soon as i read the first feature i knew it had to be for old people, did you have to call them to figure that out?

bybib 20

When did they call? I thought it said it was a commercial they were listening to.

CharresBarkrey 15

14 - Yep. It appears 7 was so excited to comment, they completely overlooked the last part of the FML.

hawright 13

I hear the chicks there are pretty loose if you catch my drift... Saggy, I mean saggy.

Oh come on, did you seriously think that an apartment complex would include food?

Makes you want to be old huh? Hopefully we'll all live to see the day our balls or boobs sag.