By help me / Wednesday 16 March 2016 01:05 / United States - San Francisco
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  marcranger  |  28

I'm not sure there is a "best of times" when it comes to little kids. My cousin has a toddler, and even the things that are supposed to be cute are straight-up annoying to me. I can't imagine being around one on a constant basis.

By  Atrius82  |  16

My son loves that Elmo episode too. After watching it about 100 times, I'm convinced someone in that writing/production crew won a bet about how many times they could say 'balls' on a kids show.

By  doemetoch  |  28

Most toddlers are easily distracted by new activities. If you can't stand watching the same thing over and over again, just put on something else, or engage them in some other activity than watching TV. They'll scream for a while, but it probably won't last long.

By  bronxiecat777  |  14

I feel him I remember that episode it was great.

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