By Tootie - 30/07/2011 06:58 - United States

Today, I have to take medicine that gives me painful, violent farts. Tomorrow, I have to either get fired or go work in an office that's dead silent. How silent? Last week I heard my coworker drop a paperclip, three desks away. FML
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Drop another paperclip to mask the sound?

Sit in your office chair in the aisle and let your gas propel you through the maze of cubicles. if you're going to get fired, you may as well do it in style.


Well that sucks.

shove a silencer up there

Could plug it up with something, maybe a cork..

This is worse than that time Peter tried covering up his farts with coughing...

or a dildo. those always work great for me, but ive never had a farting problem...

beads are more fun flocks. you should try them sometime

you can try and hold it in just pray you don't sneeze lol

as long as they're frozen. my ass is like a roasting oven so i need something frozen or else it will melt in there. i can't shit for a week!

I don't see a problem. It'd be fun!

just take lots of bathroom breaks

Go to the toilet when u need to fart

Bring in a dog and blame it on the dog(: say you fed it bacon for breakfast

borrow bubble boy's bubble and wear a gas mask?

62, like you and your father every night?

they're all going to be giving you heads in the office tomorrow.

shove a watermelon up there! nothing, and I repeat nothing will get passed it.

Beige in those car smelly things, like 6 of them in, ad hang them!

Just remember to say safety :P

123- not sure how but that comment made me lose The Game.

Try to spread your asshole and butt cheeks when you need to fart that way it just eases out and doesn't have to squeeze through the cheeks.

Ooh, that stinks. Literally. FYL.

ur fathers condom failed

How is that a fail?

29-Your mothers abortion failed -,.,-


This made me chuckle...

29 Oblivions a great game can't wait till Skyrim.

Drop another paperclip to mask the sound?

That's a shit load of paper clips

Not joking, adult diapers will muffle the sound. Test it out if you don't believe me.

just follow up with, damn gerbils!

or or or or or this might be crazy a fan? wow that was almost too easy

let's hope it doesn't make you blow chunks too... that would be a lot worse...

meh keep farting bro don't let the man keep you down

Hello, it's a woman :)

According to the Bro code, chicks can be Bros too.

you got that right bro

Ha ha! it could be worse.

Take a day off? :P

Just don't shart lol

I sense your going to get a lot of dirty looks at work.

wow r u psychic?