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Today, I have to spend over an hour at a Gamestop so my boyfriend can get his 'Final Fantasy' game at midnight. I'm tired, I don't want to stand around any more, and all the people around around me are debating super heroes. I'm living in an episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.' FML
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I agree, leave if you don't want to be there. or be thankful that your bf wants you to be there with him instead of blowing you off and going pick up a prostitute or something.

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Lol final fantasy 13 is gonna suck so bad. Fyl. Hope he got bad company 2 for when he gets bored.

LOL maybe OP thinks she is the hot blond from big bang theory and in reality wants everyone to droll over her!


226 You jockstraps and your FPS's. Nothing ever changes from game to game, just more staring down the sights of a gun and shooting wildly at anything that crosses your path, I certainly hope you pick up an "actual" game that requires some thinking. Maybe Portal 2 should satisfy your craving for trigger-pulling as well as give your little brain a bit of a workout. It doesn't hurt to think a little bit, right?

im a nerd. like, hardcore. HALO: REACH FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also love star wars. Leia was hot.

halo reach will probably ruin the game further. The rule about sequels goes for games as well

should have ended with halo 3. now they're just milking the series

Definitely agreed. I'm sure his nerd friends are better than her likely bitchy ones.

halo reach is gonna kick ass. THEY BROUGHT BACK THE MAGNUM!!!!

not always so, mw2? halo 2 was also better than the first and argueably(sp?) the 3rd

Except the multiplayer trailer for Halo Reach looks sexy =3

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no ... halo 2 blew. even it's 5 hr campain mode was too long. halo is for ****** anyways

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nerds are okay, smart nerds pwn (advanced emotional capabilities, unlike most men, they're smart, they care, and oh my god they will never get bored with you, also they don't cheat)

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I agree, and you are a sucky person for not at least trying to understand the people there.

FML posts like these make me feel like a fantastic girlfriend. OP, I guess YDI. I don't really see why you insisted on going along if you're just going to stand around and whine about how you don't want to be there.

Agreed, completly... I'm normally that girlfriend who is out at midnight picking up the game to surprise her boyfriend. >.>

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72- I'm not a gamer, but I'm single ;D

Same here. I am the girl who bought a PS3 for my husband, which wasn't easy because I had to do it w/o a job and cut corners with my stipend and shovel out snow from neighbor's parking spots for a few extra dollars. *I* ate lesser foods than I normally enjoy for myself, I snuck out ot bed to shovel after finishing studies.... because *I* wanted to see his face when he saw that I got the one game system he never thought he'd be able to get until much much much later. That is called a gift of love, because my nine months of saving vanished when I watched during the Christmas scavanger hunt. Nerds, the good ones at least, are typically stigmatized by their hobbies and interests. When they (we) grow up one of the first tests we give to a new partner is how they deal with our hobbies; is it shared because they enjoy it too or just because the lesser-nerd want to see the partner happy? OP fails. My BF is now my husband. he works full and I go to school. I just pocketed away a little more $ and ordered FFXIII. I love to watch him play games, and I feel the most love when he plays on the PS3 I worked so hard to get him.

Gotta give it to you, hands down, sunshine. My husband and I are the same way, which amuses the OTHER people we game with... until they get married. Bwahaha! Its fun being a geek. :)

Right!? I wouldn't stand in line for my own games (id rather just wait.n buy later) but i have with my guy for his, don't regret it either. But then again keeping him happy makes me happy in return and guys tend to like when ya take part of their interests.

A couple that games together, stays together. I love gaming with my boyfriend and I love surprising him with games he wants. OP here, doesn't get that if you love someone, you support them. Even if she's not into gaming, if she chose to go with him then she needs to not complain about it and just appreciate being with him. As a side note, going to a GameStop job fair or waiting in line for a release is the best thing ever! You meet so many game nerds it's just amazing!

omg intoxicunt I was wiping my screen thinking it was a smudge whent it's your lip ring hah

At first I felt offended, but then I started laughing. XD #10: Me too! That would be awesome.

As if! I would so love to hang out with the dudes from Big Bang :) comon, enjoy it! don't mope around and be a downer to his fun :D

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The Big Bang Theory is the best show ever. Sheldon is the best.

you are my hero. JOKES, Sheldon is my hero :)

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furreal! big bang theory>>>>whiny girlfriend.

Agreed! Sheldon makes me laugh like none other. I

It got cut off! That's what I get for making a heart. *I loved when he got punched in the face last night. I was cracking up :D

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That was one of my favorites ever! My mom kinda killed for our family it by acting it out multiple times, but it's still an amazing episode

I really like that show... And you are definitely not living it because the star is sweet and nice, where as you are just a whiney gf. :(

Look you know what he's like, quit your whining!