By notanerd - United States
Today, I have to spend over an hour at a Gamestop so my boyfriend can get his 'Final Fantasy' game at midnight. I'm tired, I don't want to stand around any more, and all the people around around me are debating super heroes. I'm living in an episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.' FML
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  gohabs21  |  0

yeah really stop being a bitch, it's not the end of the world. not an fml, just a whiny bitch who complains when she has to do something she doesn't like.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Agree with #1. If you didn't want to be there, why did you go? I'm sure your bf never supports you in any of your interests.

Seriously though, stfu and stop being judgemental. You are ruining his fun just cos you don't think it's cool. Better yet, leave so he can find someone better.

  _rachacho  |  0

epic fail. i would be happy to live in an episode of big bang theory, and i'm sure your bf loooooves to spend 4 hours at the mall looking for clothes with you. suck it up and be glad that he wanted you to spend time with him. ydi.

  TooMuchXbox  |  0

See its people like you that give other people reason to think gamers are Crazy. Yes FF is great, but not everyone has to like it.... Also, yes, skulbashr DOES need to suck a fat one ;)

  cater2U  |  0

tee hee big bang ;). jk but OP you really didn't have to go or you could atleast shut up and then ask him to take you somewhere else later instead of whining on here.

  Cristaderzi  |  0

Exactly OP welcome too womanhood!
Your husband gets priority and commands where and what to do'
Dont like it the acquire some karma and next life get to be a man!
Quit bitching OP!

  james4  |  0

25 ur 100% right,
op plz get the fuck over urself. guys do shit they don't like for u girls all the time, like go shoping for 6 hrs. so quit ur bitching

  Alpha35  |  4

Man stfu she's bitching because grown ass men talking about super heroes that i liked when i was 6 and she's sitting there listening to it... and she didn't go home because she wanted to be there for her sirs and fat girls are all dumb.


What a terrible gf. I waited for four hours for a game for my boyfriend. I don't really play many games but I knew it was important to him. Then I left him alone for a few days so he could play it. haha

  tylahgrace  |  12

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  thrice324  |  0

245, you sound fucking awesome. OP, the next time he complains about having to run around the mall with you for four hours while you shop, don't you DARE get angry.

  jessi_ld  |  2

omfg! I flipping luv the big bang theory lol I own the first 2 seasons already!!! haha but u should jus suck it up guys will be guys I mean my bfs like that and I'd go with him if he did anyway lol I think it'd be fun jus to hang out and be dorks geeks etc. WHO CARES!!!

  Kurabsence  |  0

@211, oh my god.... what's the big deal, I spend a ton of time watching my girlfriend shop for cloths while people talk about "LIEK OMG LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!" all around us (she doesn't talk like that) OP is obviously a whiny bitch, she probably complains that she has to stand for an hour at a funeral with stilletos too... the idea is, you sacrifice for the good of others. people like her sicken me.

  crazytoaster  |  2

Really, people like Penny are far more depressed and insecure in real life than people like Leonard and Sheldon. Life isn't like a T.V show. Most geeks i know would only use Penny for one thing, and we all know what that is (Hint: Sex). They would go for a real woman for a relationship.

Really, people who write "ROFL! LMAO u deserv it 4 datin a nerd. grow up u pathetik luzers" are the saddest people of them all.


The only thing wrong about this FML is waiting outside for Final Fantasy. Some back street boy teams up with some hot-headed pre-teen dressed like a skank to rid the world of a generic representation of evil using a fighting formula that hasn't changed since the eighties. Whoppee.

  Monikabug  |  9

Been there, done that. Only it was 2 hours for Left 4 Dead 2, that he pre-ordered. Ridiculous wait time, but it was something I did with my boyfriend.
But, OP suck it up! Part of being in a relationship is doing things that each other want to do. Why don't you stop whining and start partaking in a discussion about superheroes? It will give you insight into what non-bitchy-self-absorbed people are like and do you some good. :)

  anti_average  |  5

I must say that the OP has a valid argument though, who wants to wait hours for a game? Before everyone freaks out let me state that I'm a gamer myself, and even I wouldn't wait in line for a frikkin game I pre-ordered. I can just pick it up in the morning.

Now for my points against the OP, get over yourself. I don't like taking my gf shopping, but I do anyway because it makes her happy. My girlfriend has waited in my car while I picked up my copy of MW2 before though (her choice). The fact is that a relationship is about compromise. What matters is that at the end of the day you still want to be with the person you're with.

You may not be a nerd, but you certainly are a bitch!

  rawr_forever  |  0

fml is full of bitchy girlfriends that really don't have anything to whine about. they just do it anyway. and really FF is amazing. but she's to much of a bitch to even try it, huh?

  rawr_forever  |  0

@337 "dude" are you 12? seriously. I'm a girl and I would do that for someone. I'd probably be one of the "nerds" talking about super Heros to... if your not smart don't speak like you are.

  comatoast  |  0

I agree, leave if you don't want to be there. or be thankful that your bf wants you to be there with him instead of blowing you off and going pick up a prostitute or something.

  WOLFEYES72  |  2

226 You jockstraps and your FPS's. Nothing ever changes from game to game, just more staring down the sights of a gun and shooting wildly at anything that crosses your path, I certainly hope you pick up an "actual" game that requires some thinking. Maybe Portal 2 should satisfy your craving for trigger-pulling as well as give your little brain a bit of a workout. It doesn't hurt to think a little bit, right?

  Kurabsence  |  0

nerds are okay, smart nerds pwn (advanced emotional capabilities, unlike most men, they're smart, they care, and oh my god they will never get bored with you, also they don't cheat)

By  pepokish  |  0

FML posts like these make me feel like a fantastic girlfriend.

OP, I guess YDI. I don't really see why you insisted on going along if you're just going to stand around and whine about how you don't want to be there.

  usyagi  |  0

Same here. I am the girl who bought a PS3 for my husband, which wasn't easy because I had to do it w/o a job and cut corners with my stipend and shovel out snow from neighbor's parking spots for a few extra dollars. *I* ate lesser foods than I normally enjoy for myself, I snuck out ot bed to shovel after finishing studies.... because *I* wanted to see his face when he saw that I got the one game system he never thought he'd be able to get until much much much later. That is called a gift of love, because my nine months of saving vanished when I watched during the Christmas scavanger hunt.

Nerds, the good ones at least, are typically stigmatized by their hobbies and interests. When they (we) grow up one of the first tests we give to a new partner is how they deal with our hobbies; is it shared because they enjoy it too or just because the lesser-nerd want to see the partner happy?

OP fails.

My BF is now my husband. he works full and I go to school. I just pocketed away a little more $ and ordered FFXIII. I love to watch him play games, and I feel the most love when he plays on the PS3 I worked so hard to get him.

  Jules_fml  |  0

Gotta give it to you, hands down, sunshine. My husband and I are the same way, which amuses the OTHER people we game with... until they get married. Bwahaha!

Its fun being a geek. :)


Right!? I wouldn't stand in line for my own games (id rather just wait.n buy later) but i have with my guy for his, don't regret it either. But then again keeping him happy makes me happy in return and guys tend to like when ya take part of their interests.

  LeashaJoy5595  |  28

A couple that games together, stays together. I love gaming with my boyfriend and I love surprising him with games he wants. OP here, doesn't get that if you love someone, you support them. Even if she's not into gaming, if she chose to go with him then she needs to not complain about it and just appreciate being with him.

As a side note, going to a GameStop job fair or waiting in line for a release is the best thing ever! You meet so many game nerds it's just amazing!