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  Harshdfml  |  14

Not really. Find a chance and spill water on her luggage. Or probably something like, spill the ketchup on her while munching a snack. It's your time to be a bitch. And oh! Don't forget the 'it was a mistake' smile.!

  Gingerette  |  8

Honestly, I'd have to say it's difficult to find people who have adjusted adequately to their age. Even people who seem mature have terribly excessive flaws... Not nearly enough people ask themselves if there is anything that ought to be changed..

  RedPillSucks  |  31

It's called being a parent.
She can tell him what ever she wants. Perhaps she sees something in OP that she feels is bad character.
However, it's up to OPs boyfriend to decide what to do with his mothers opinion.
He choose to abided by his mothers wishes. He wasn't forced to.
OP needs to just move on.
Not sure why she's on the bus with the mother though.

  alycion  |  38

The best revenge is to be super nice and act indifferent to the situation. People get really annoyed when someone is indifferent to them especially after they wronged the person. Showing discomfort or being upset only gives her more satisfaction.

  SWC_Penguin  |  17

That works a lot of the time, 12, but definitely not here. It will just make it seem like the OP never actually cared about her son and will this be "proving" to mom that she did the right thing.

  grunt_fml  |  17

An uncomfortable ride... yes. But maybe not in the way she might already expect.

Don´t be mean, don´t do anything mean. Just be... nice. Super nice. The kind of nice that makes people think something really really terrible will happen soon. This way you can turn at least some people into paranoid sweating wrecks.

OR use all the time you have with her to assure her that you are SO thankful for making him break up with you. Because... you know... but no, maybe it would be better not to tell her. Just some hints that accidently slip out. You know... his fascination for dead bodies. His interest for lingerie... NO, of course he never asked you if he can wear yours. Oh, and he never mentioned her name when you got into action. Never, really. Well... once or twice maybe...

  miiajayne  |  6

Don't know whether this is just a UK thing but sometimes seats are allocated if it's a coach ride (which if it's 7 hours I'm assuming it is) so maybe the seat she's been allocated is next to her ex boyfriends mum and there are not other seats available?