By sad_unicorn - / Wednesday 19 April 2017 06:00 / Australia - Yagoona
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By  species4872  |  19

Sooo, that's what all that noise was next door.

By  bigred121970  |  10

I have a cat. Although he doesn't do that he stares. That ruins it too. It creeps me out when I'm having sex and the cat keeps staring at you from the foot of the bed.

  Sammeydw  |  22

If the door doesn't close properly the cat will be able to push / claw the door open so it's paw can get through. My cat does this too if I sleep in too late and don't feed her breakfast on her schedule.

By  _sonny_  |  3

I usually just let the cat in. Half the time the cat gets on the bed with us and just goes to sleep while we are going at it. They don't care, so, why should you? :))

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