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Today, I have the flu, so I called my boss to let him know I couldn't come in today. He told me to think my "lies" through better, and claimed that you can only get the flu during winter. So I guess I'm faking my pale skin, short breath, runny nose, and constant sneezing. FML
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  usheryes  |  9

Typically the flu is an upper respiratory infection. This can cause vomiting, but typically causes sneezing, coughing, skin sensitivity, and aches.


Agreed. If it was flu, you wouldn't get out of bed for £1000; if you we're able to go into work it's definitely a cold. Have paracetamol for your fever and ride it out, OP. Good luck with your boss.

  genYnot  |  19

Flu comes in different levels too. I've worked for days with something that turned out to be a flu. I then worked through the subsequent chest infection too.

  nix1993  |  41

Shortness of breath is usually in indicator of something more serious than a cold. Though it might still not be flu, it's probably at least a respiratory infection. Still not something you want to be working with.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I was thinking this too. A flu is usually accompanied by a fever and body aches. I'm not saying op shouldn't stay home because of his really bad cold. I'm just saying it doesn't sound like the flu...yet. Colds can easily change to flu's and chest/sinus infections and other nasty stuff pretty quickly, and the fact that op is having shortness of breath doesn't sound good. Go to your doc op, you may be getting a chest infection or pneumonia or something if you're having trouble breathing.

By  nattlecakes  |  19

So I guess all that time I spent on the toilet a few weeks ago accompanied by body aches and runny nose was just a completely fluke thing. Couldn't have been the flu!

By  91hayek  |  31

Do you have Dwight Schrute for a boss? Give HIM the flu. Then because it's obviously not winter say that it is a zombie strain of ebola. That dumbass would believe it. Troll him into begging you to kill him.