By faulty number - 28/01/2013 23:25 - United States - Port Saint Lucie

Today, I have been waiting for a call from a job I applied for. I soon got a text from my current boss, who doesn't know I'm job hunting, letting me know that the recruiter was trying to reach me. Turns out my number on my resumé was wrong. FML
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SexySlayer1248 18

I hope you didn't put detail-oriented in your special skills

Sounds like your boss took betrayal well.


SexySlayer1248 18

I hope you didn't put detail-oriented in your special skills

Sounds like your boss took betrayal well.

I think he was happy to get rid of the ditz.

oj101 33

Betrayal? OP is under no obligation to inform their boss that they're seeking a job - only when they get it, then they have to tell them as they hand in their resignation. There are laws in place to enforce this.

...I'm done with sarcasm. Sometimes it's impossible to make some people grasp it though text.

that was sarcasm? dude..sarcasm, you're doing it wrong.

I was using betrayal sarcastically. As it's not the type of word you usually use to describe job hunting while employed, because it's dramatic and inaccurate.

I understand that betrayal was sarcastic after you stated it was a sarcastic statement, its just not obvious enough to stick out as sarcasm which sarcasm is suppised to do. if it isnt obviously sarcastic, its poor sarcasm

I disagree, 33. Sometimes (not always!) very subtle sarcasm is the best way to go. If you can make a sarcastic comment (properly) that goes over people's heads, that just shows how skilled you are at it. Because not just anyone can come up with something really obviously sarcastic.

I guess your boss took it pretty well as he told you the recruiter had called !

deadlydecoy17 8

Hope you get the job, he has a reason to fire you now

In normal countries you can't just immediately fire somebody for no reason (assuming this is a proper job - with contract and all), otherwise you may get a lawsuit.

bfsd42 20

Please tell me evilundead, what is a normal country? I'll tell you what I think a normal boss is. It's a boss who would most likely terminate an employee after finding out that they are actively seeking employment elsewhere.

21 - If by normal you mean "sane and reasonable." Unfortunately, OP is in neither, being from the state of Florida in the United States. (Hope you still have a job, OP.)

#35, "normal" means civilized country that it has laws that regulate employment. Firing on the spot is most likely unlawful and can result in lawsuit. Whether you'll quickly win the lawsuit depends on level of corruption of your country and is another story. Normal laws also mean that that you can't refuse to hire somebody that meets qualifications, and you can't fire that person for no reason, plus you can't fire people immediately - normally there's a cooloff period before employee actually stops working (2 weeks, for example).

Your boss sounds like a great person. Looks like he doesn't mix business with his personal feelings. He could've not told you about it and fired you.

Not where I live. You don't have to tell anyone that you're looking for work; it's none of their business. You have to tell them if you get the job, obviously, but just applying is irrelevant. Personally, I told my boss when I got an interview so she'd have warning that I might get hired, but I certainly didn't tell her about every job I applied for.

That's what I was thinking! How do you mess up your own phone number? It's like when I'm at work and ask for their phone number and they tell me they don't know, they don't call themselves. Really?

bfsd42 20

Yeah, I always call myself. Makes me feel like I have a life.

#13 - Some of us are just idiots with phone numbers and don't know it. I'm one of those, so I always keep my phone number as one of my contacts to I can check! It's rather helpful

I hope you got the job. Atleast your boss was good enough to tell you about it instead of keeping it a secret or firing you!

feel bad for your boss! he sounds like a decent guy but YDI for not checking it over first.