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That's a nice housssssssssse you've got here

#1, thats what i thought when I read it, until I realized that minecraft creepers can't open doors. But who knows, creepers are scary little fuckers.

by creepers, do you mean bugs or creepy men like pedophiles, murderers...ect?

No, OP clearly meant block-ssssshaped green basssssstardssss who really like to ruin your day.

creepers may not open doors but they can still spawn in the dark, more likely right next to you

They can't open doors, but if there are multiple then they'll blow up and make an entrance >:)

To scare off* creepers…

"Scare of" works as well. E.g., "To scare the room of creepers."

5 - maybe he uses pressure plates?

Never mind the creepers. Endermen are what scare me.

Thatssssssss a nice everything you've got there...

Just craft a sword and torches and a bed! Or if you can't put a block in the door way so zombies can't break in.... Good luck and loot in the morning!

I hate using buttons tho

I actually LOL'ed with this one

That's what I thought at first until I reread it again.

Silly 33, mobs can't spawn within 24 blocks of the player. Why do you think we dig our mob traps 24 blocks under the basement?

I hate to be that one guy, but mobs can only spawn at a minimum of 24 blocks away.

I built my most recent house on top of a ravine so I don't have to worry

you deserve it belieber

Kudos if you saw the grammatical error: "of" instead of "off".

Doesn't FML check spelling before posting it?

they normally do.

yeah it's still there hasn't been fixed yet

51- You'd think they would

Yay I get kudos. :P

He hasn't spelt the word wrong just used the wrong word. 'Of' is a correctly spelt word, just not the right one to use in this context. As has been pointed out, the correct word to use is 'Off'. I doubt the spell checker also checks grammar, too.

78- You don't say?

actually, 78, if you were using Microsoft word, the spell checker does check for grammatical errors :) also, some people just scan fmls (admittedly that's how people misread them) so the mods probably didn't notice cus he/she did just that :)

If the power's out, how did you post this?

He needs to put on some candles and stop acting like a pussy. Plus candles smell good (:

129, you were way too harsh, I hate Beiber too, but still. I thumbed you up cuz you said Radiohead though.

Or fleshlight...

Beat me to it

If OP can post an FML can't he flash the light from his phone to the "creepers"?

is Op a child?

65 - ... Is that a pun...? *eyebrow raises*

karate noises isn't going to cut it, you need a diamond sword

Then dig out with a diamond pickaxe :3

Unless he has a cat :3

I can swing my sword, sword. My diamond sword, sword. You can not afford, ford, my diamond sword, sword!

Even if you could, could. I have a patent!

might need a bow for long-range attacks so it can't blow up your house. you'll also need to get some better armor

Beleiber... how old are you, 12? FYL, but YDI. Stop being a wuss.

Faintly, OP hears a voice. I know you love me... I know you care...

...You know it's destiny that we belong together... forever.

I agree #6, I voted ydi just cuz his/her name is belieber.

Way to go! Keep those creepers away!

ur pic goes good with the fml lol

'Cause the bogey man is extremely afraid of a kid playing karate.

Well it's not the boogey man op is trying to keep away. It's creepers.

Go over to a neighbor's house. Play minecraft with them till your family gets home. We live in a society. People help each other, you know.

Since when lol?

Your name is too close to Beiber, so ydi

true soo very true

Ahh no shit Sherlock -.-

You, my friend, have just graduated from UI. The University of Idiots.

Somebody's been playing too much Minecraft.

There can never be to much minecraft lol

There can always be to much minecraft.

A guy with a my little pony profile picture and a minecraft addict. In my book beither of you have criticizing rights, or lives.

^beither? I think you mean neither.

Quick! Help me teach him "giggle at the ghosties!" /)

Either way 143, I was joking, get a sense of humor. Please, saying mean things to random strangers doesn't make anything better...thanks! :D

Come on man, grow up!