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  Cad6  |  24

#1, thats what i thought when I read it, until I realized that minecraft creepers can't open doors. But who knows, creepers are scary little fuckers.

  abbyabb  |  4

Just craft a sword and torches and a bed! Or if you can't put a block in the door way so zombies can't break in.... Good luck and loot in the morning!

  the17doctor  |  12

He hasn't spelt the word wrong just used the wrong word. 'Of' is a correctly spelt word, just not the right one to use in this context. As has been pointed out, the correct word to use is 'Off'. I doubt the spell checker also checks grammar, too.

  emilyjgraham  |  34

actually, 78, if you were using Microsoft word, the spell checker does check for grammatical errors :) also, some people just scan fmls (admittedly that's how people misread them) so the mods probably didn't notice cus he/she did just that :)

  22cute  |  17

Go over to a neighbor's house. Play minecraft with them till your family gets home. We live in a society. People help each other, you know.