By Abigail Lynn Lyman - / Sunday 6 January 2019 20:00 / United States
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By  Levivy4Real  |  7

Hey Abby! Hope you feel better. Word of the wise, you shouldn’t use your real name on the internet, or random people can use it to find it. Like for example someone might be able to find out that you left Oklahoma Christian last month, or maybe that you’re married to a guy named Calvin. Btw you look great in those wedding pics. Hope Lyman images is doing well too, and obviously the hubby has a great head on his shoulders working as a UI designer. And I won’t go to the trouble of putting up any of your personal information, but are you still at the address that rhymes with smidge-fodder drive? Good ol’ 13241?

Seriously though. If I can find all of your info (of which I shared very little, I got phone numbers, addresses, pictures, you name it) in less than 5 minutes, for free, anybody can. Please protect yourself and your husband by locking down your online presence.

The Privacy Gnome

By  Jessica Haugen  |  4

whatever u do make sure ur taking care of urself and if u feel like ur getting worse go get seen again pneumonia is very serious both my mom and my baby sister passed away from pneumonia within 4 months of eachother so don't take it lightly

By  yeongji  |  31

Ignore them. Let them complain as much as they want. Take the time to get proper rest. Pneumonia is contagious and can be deadly. Everyone is different and it is something that hits everyone differently.

I had it before and after four days of constant fever and coughing, I went into work to get checked out. Whereas a coworker had it, but had no fever and was merely coughing. However, it was so bad that she was given a two weeks notice to rest, while I only had one week off. That being said, OP, ignore them.

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