By sharky - 05/10/2012 20:25 - United States

Today, I have a massive headache, thanks to my asshat of a roommate, who decided to balance our tea kettle on the top of the kitchen door. When I stumbled into the kitchen, half-awake, it came smashing down onto my head. FML
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Wait doesn't everybody keep their tea kettle there?

That's when he gets a frying pan to the balls when he's sleeping.


Play a prank back on him!

Do the same thing to him but this time balance 3 on top of his door and fill them up with ice cold water.

23- Or, fill them with scalding water. That would show that asshat.

Or you can do the same thing but instead of tea kettles you should light his bed on fire.

#30 So do the exact same thing, but completely different? At least put the flaming bed on top of the door.

Well Guess he deserves a Air horn in the face in the morning.

Do the exact same thing, except with an angry skunk and a can of pepper spray. Always works for me. And I learned some even better ones in prison.

Have some sound system play Reveille as loud as you can. That still wakes me up quick, fast and in a hurry.

Shit in his sock.

I think the easiest thing to do in this situation is to get another tea kettle, and VERY carefully, burn your entire house down

Well, at least op is now awake. But, yea, op should get his roommate back good.

Do the same exact thing, but instead, spike a fully loaded used condom off his face while he's sleeping.

Wait doesn't everybody keep their tea kettle there?

I do.. I guess apparently it's not an appropriate place according to the rest of the world. :/

How did he even get it up there?!

34- I don't know maybe... A chair? A step stool? If the roommate is tall enough maybe he reached. It's a door not the Empire State Building

Get him back good!

Looks like your asshat roommate thinks you are a kettle head. Dam dam tsh.

That's when he gets a frying pan to the balls when he's sleeping.

Asshat I love that word op. Sounds like a very childish and stupid prank. Payback time ..... Unless you want to be adults here but I wouldn't I'd probably get back at my roommate also.

What's an asshat ? Is it like an asshole? I'm so confused right now Ive never heard that word ... Is it an American thing ?

Hat, meet ass. Voilà.

17- yes. It's what we use when we get tired of saying "asshole". I also think its a little milder than asshole. Ex. 1: My little brother posted an embarrassing video of me online. He's such an asshat. Ex. 2: My ex boyfriend cheated on me, said I was ugly and worthless, the slept with my best friend. I can't believe I dated that asshole.

Your boyfriend and brother sound like real jerks.

Note the "Ex." . Meaning "example". Meaning "theoretical". Meaning "made up". Meaning "not true". But thanks for the support anyway.

Wait, so your brother didn't really post a video of you on YouTube, or...? Why would you lie about something like that?

Schitz, If you're going to troll, at least do it well.

53, you're right. I shall oblige. 49, I initially wasn't serious, but your rebuttal falls apart at "meaning theoretical." Why exactly are you under the impression that an example must be theoretical? Your logic is faulty. An example does not have to be theoretical. It could very well be a real world example. TDLR: You're wrong.

Why am I wrong?? MY example was theoretical. MY example was made up. I'm not wrong. Your sarcasm didn't come across well so I corrected you on what I meant. Then thanked you in case I sounded like a jerk. Since you didn't mean it, I take my thank you back.

You did say that "Ex." means "example, theoretical, made up, not true". You didn't say that's what it meant /to you/ (that, by the way, would be an awful rebuttal by itself anyway). It's like you didn't read his explanation and jumped right to the "TLDR".

Ahem. Responding to the initial question... Asshat: When someone has their head so far up their ass, its as if they're wearing it as a hat.

39- Thank you for clearing that up lol, much appreciated :)

Give him a headache with the brick you will conveniently place on top of the door

Asshat is the best word ever.

His roommate certainly does sound like an asshat... Asshat? I'm nit even sure what that is

40, please refer to the comments in #6

40- please refer to urban dictionary. "An asshat is a person who is ignorant, having their head up their ass, thus wearing it as a hat." Asshat.

I first saw it in some of P C Cast's books. Not sure if that's where it came from though.

Asscricket is a strong second.

think he would be surprised if he opened the door and a couple of bricks fell on his head?

Ass hat reminds me of someone :') I miss her haha. Anyway OP that asshat is stupid do something worse! Good luck

Next time he comes into the kitchen throw the tea kettle at his head. Payback is a biotch.