By Anonymous - 18/01/2011 14:37 - United States

Today, I have a cold and need to blow my nose all the time. The problem is that every time I blow my nose, I get a nosebleed. When I breathe through my mouth, I have a coughing fit. So I have to choose between not breathing, coughing up mucus or blowing blood. FML
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kaijapapaya 0

Choose not breathing.

Add diarrhea and you have the perfect combination, something coming out of every hole :)


kaijapapaya 0

Choose not breathing.

Acousticpixie14 6

Or she can choose to pull her head out of her ass and get some OTC meds. Then, she can make a doctor's appointment if the problem persists or if she develops a sinus infection, which will probably happen if she doesn't blow her nose.

fthku 13

Or she can choose breathing, since it has nothing to do with her needing or not needing to blow her nose.

Acousticpixie14 6

Yes it does...if her nose if stuffed up then she can't exactly inhale or exhale out of it, now can she?

fthku 13

I so knew I should've added this line - She's going to have to blow her nose anyway. And she needs to breathe anyway. Understand? =)

Acousticpixie14 6

You have to blow your nose unless you really want a sinus infection, true. A lot of people however, such as both of the grandparents I'm living with, refuse to blow their nose and would much rather breathe through their mouth, sniff up the mucus, and suffer through the infection. Why? I do not know. You must keep in mind that most human being are complete morons.

who needs to breeth?

Pendatik, you silly man. He's obviously talking about Breeth, the top-rated online poker player in Hungary.

I love your pic it's awesome <3

Mcgirr13 0

ummm, I do stupid

Your liquids are confused.

ew, I would get that checked out

stewpididiot 11

TEQUILA !!!!!!

Bakachu 7

The obvious choice is to not breathe ;o.

Stay at home and do all of them. I bet you look a treat.

Good luck with whatever you pick.

hel pick his nose :)

op is q girl

Ima go against everyone and say bleed!!! Bleed bleed bleed!!! haha Jk You should get that checked out OP.

ulicksam 0

Like you're the only one that has problems breathing when they have a cold.

Add diarrhea and you have the perfect combination, something coming out of every hole :)

ummmm not really.

you forgot her vajayjay ;)

happysmartg 5

and her ears

wolfshadow 4

Her period. Loud music. There you go.