By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, I have a busy day of college work ahead of me. I figured I'd best have a good breakfast. Then I realised I'd completely ran out of food except for various types of sauces and condiments. So what am I having for breakfast today? That's right. A nice cup of Gravy. FML
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  woofis  |  0

gravy is actually an exellent breakfast, plenty of protien for the day. 17, fuck you, just because someone doesn't have food doesn't mean they are messed up or irresponsible. all it means is that the op had a have been a money shortage or, like the op said, forgot that he had food.

  InDenial  |  6

You're probably the fat one that has no life so you sit on FML all day bagging about how people look even though you don't have a picture yourself.

  biass  |  0

Ramen is one of the best foods you can get for cheep. You can boil, fry, or even bake. If you've never had pan fried ramen, try it!

  DocBastard  |  38

Of course it's a pic of a little kid! That's me! I'm 4!

Actually, it's a picture of my daughter who is, in fact, 4. I have that up because she's much cuter than I am. Trust me, you'd rather look at her than me.