By noprivacy - / Sunday 10 February 2019 14:00 /
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By  Jodhi Wood  |  1

Crate train your puppy! It’s a safe nondestructive way to keep them out of trouble. Buy a large crate and teach them it’s their safe place with toys and comfort them they will feel safe to stay while you’re gone.

By  Fluffy_Natsuhi  |  4

Your dog eating their own feces is typically an indicator that they are lacking nutrition. Might want to check the quality of their dog food. Although some young pups are just poop eaters in which case you can try giving them pumpkin. When it comes out the back end something about it helps deter the eater.

By  TumblrweedPasses  |  11

Best to sort this issue out sooner rather than later or the dog will likely develop seperation anxiety
Probably best to either put her in a large dog cage or small room eith no carpet what you can lay newspaper on while you go to the shops (with food, water and toys of course)
Eventually, the dog will learn that it's ok to be alone for a while and you're coming back soon

By  Christinegpapas  |  2

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By  zuckerburg  |  21

What does the fact that your fridge being out of food have to do anything with your lazy ass not training your dog? She eats her own shit because you don't feed her. She pisses and shits everywhere because your "1 minute" is probably 8+ hours. Someone needs to come visit your place to do an assessment because I don't think you're fit to have pets or even take care of them