By Dani - Australia

Stranger danger

Today, I happened to make eye contact with a stranger standing on a balcony of the apartment building across the train tracks from mine. He ran his finger across his neck like a knife and winked at me. I'm afraid to go out again. FML
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  dirtroadboy  |  7

98- I am on fml mobile and it doesn't show where the posting was from. I was unaware of the laws there as well. Basing my comments off personal experiance in Indiana (US).

  Savra_fml  |  17

#2 is right, the guy was just trying to play. Aussies would call this game "knivesies - necksies" or something of the like. Nothing to worry about really.

  FaustXIII  |  0

Don't make it weird, just handle it like anyone else would: Bend over and spank your own ass at him, alerting him that you are ready to copulate via the backdoor.

By  perdix  |  29

You ought to whip out your Crocodile Dundee knife and say, "That's not a knife -- this is a knife!"

And make sure you carry a gun, in case all Aussies have knives like that.