By Hooty - 02/09/2015 21:52 - United States - Groveton

Today, I had yet another debilitating migraine that kept me awake. In the middle of the night, I heard an owl hooting. Thinking it was cool, I moved closer to the open window to hear better. After a few minutes, I realized it was actually my new neighbor having loud sex. My aunt moved in next door. FML
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kaylae22 13

Impossible for them to make it that way. Only the people directly invloved can so only OP and their aunt (and her lover) can

Sucks OP, but maybe you can talk to her about keeping it down ?

It's not realy his say so on what she does with her sex life/noises ;/

If the aunt can be heard next door then OP absolutely has the right to tell her something. One of our neighbors had problems with their neighbors on the other side because the couple was apparently quite vocal when they had sex. Cops were called and it turns out the wife was having an affair while her husband was in Afghanistan.

Well sometimes it depends on where you live. I honestly don't care about other's sex lives but i live in an apartment and this guy that lives right above me is always having unbelievably loud sex that it keeps me up almost every night. Sometimes you gotta be considerate

You're right consideration is necessary, sometimes a girl just needs a drought to end. ;D, nah but sorry she had to be so loud about it op

Coland 19

Your aunt seems like a real night owl.

I never understood that phrase. Owls are nocturnal, so why the "night"? Can't we just say she's an owl?

#31 because there are other references to owls as well. Such as "she's as intelligent as an owl". Saying "Your aunt seems like an owl", no one would get the reference.

countryb_cth 38

I thought it was wise as an owl not intelligent.

That's something you can't unthink of now OP, sorry about that

Well you know what they say, oral makes your day but anal makes your whole weak

So if she makes the excuse "it was just me and Uncle Roger having a sleepover" she might be telling the truth?

That's the downside of having relatives living in the neighborhoot.

JMichael 25

That's when you nonchalantly mention it to her the next day. "Did you hear that owl hooting last night?

I find it interesting that you mistook loud sex for a owl hooting haha

The noises that girls make when you rub them the right way are quite diverse. I could see owl happening for sure.

If she's not hooting like an owl, you're doing it wrong.