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Today, I had trouble carrying a box upstairs because my arms were sore from working out. My mom asked me, "Why are you working out so much then?" I didn't have the heart to tell her it was because of her 100-pound weight gain and that I didn't want to end up looking like her. FML
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You could always help her out by suggesting stuff that seems fun but actually helps her loose weight. Sorry though.


Maybe you should ask her to workout with you sometime?

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My mom is overweight and I always tell her that I'm just concerned for her health - so I always offer her to ride to the gym with me. Maybe you should do the same, OP. Just because you don't want to offend her doesn't mean you just leave her hanging. No pun intended

I would've told my mom "look. you're gaining weight. Do something before it gets out of control".

You need to be careful though #41. It might seem easy but feelings on this topic are really hard. When I was over weight people lied to me constantly saying I was fine and such. One day I met my best friend who straight out told me I was really over weight and invited me to a gym that she goes to. I was at first extremely offended, but gradually I started noticing myself I couldn't fit into old clothing and constantly had to buy more etc. she didn't mean to hurt my feelings she just wanted the best for me. I went from 230 to 137lbs. Honestly I'm glad I got over being offended and saw what I became, but others will be offended and might not take it well. Just my two cents. :)

41, that's a really awesome story! Congrats to your success! I need to lose some too but I'm going to do it! OP I'm terribly sorry, but good job for not telling her in that fashion. You could help her though.

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F your mom's life for that weight gain.

not really, her mom fully knew the consequences of overeating. However it would be nice if OP gave a gentle push toward a healthier lifestyle

what makes you think its over eating alone? when you're older your metabolism slows down. we don't know if it's a sudden weight gain or if its gradual.

There are also medical reasons for weight gain, like an under active thyroid.

Don't forget about some medications we are prescribed! Its really not fun when u have no control over it and can't lose weight no matter what u do!

There's also the fact that everything we eat and drink is loaded with hormones and chemicals, and our bodies can react differently to those. Add that to the fact that many things labeled and marketed as "low-cal", "low-fat", "sugarless", etc...actually contain ingredients that make you fat. Companies keep these formulas in the hopes that the fatter you become, the more you'll continue to use those products. Look up the effects of aspartame (the sugar replacement in all diet sodas, chewing gum, some artificial flavoring)... Sometimes, it's a matter of a lack of knowledge on what the person is ingesting. Not only should OP's mom exercise, but she'll also have to educate herself on *what* she puts in her body, not just how much.

Not everything we eat and drink is loaded with hormones and chemicals if you eat organic (i said ORGANIC not VEGETARIAN). Even if for some reason you don't want organic products, just reading the composition of whatever you buy highly reduces the chemicals. The most dangerous one being aluminium, because the body never eliminates it, it is however, very hard to avoid aluminium since it is found is everything white (flour, toothpaste, sugar, bread...) and almost all beauty products.

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Not always. Studies have shown that white lies to spare someone's feelings are actually good for society. They tend to increase social bonds. While white lies that hurt someone are quite obviously the opposite.

This white lie is good, right up until the heart attack.

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I think the politically correct term is "Caucasian lie."

You could always help her out by suggesting stuff that seems fun but actually helps her loose weight. Sorry though.

True, because no one ever wants their weight to be tight, after all

You could bond with her by going to yoga class together, or something like that. It can be a fun / social activity. Doesn't have to be something that is high endurance (like running miles around town).

Kudos for working out and knowing what you want. I wish I could say the same. That said, I'm sure your mom will support you even if you tell her.

I don't think OP have to tell her mom that she is the 'inspiration' to get fit, why would you hurt someone you care about like that? "you are gross so I am working hard to not be!" OP could just say that she likes working out and care about being healthy and slowly inspire her mom to join her! that is what I do with my mom, and it works! and not once did I have to hurt her feelings!

You should explain nicely to mom why, and to help her lose weight. She's probably having some issues

I don't think you should say that you're working out so that you don't end up obese like her. You will just hurt her feelings. She knows she has gained a lot of weight. Just tell her that you're trying to get fit. If she seems interested / supportive, ask her to come to a beginner-level exercise class with you. Keep in mind that with such a dramatic weight gain, she probably doesn't have a lot of stamina right now. Be patient, and take it slowly.

"Jogginglikeitsmyjob" so, how does jogging make your arms sore exactly?

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cardio is probably part of her workout...

She never said jogging was the ONLY thing she was doing to exercise. Her title could have been to imply how vigorously she has been working out, not the specific type of workout she had been doing. Even if that's not the case, most people do move their arms while jogging (though usually, as far as I've heard, never enough to cause severe aching), but still, I suppose it could be possible.

Sometimes people were weighted bracelets on their wrists when running or jogging to help tone the arms. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it can make

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Some people carry weights when they jog

Nobody said anything about jogging, they said "working-out"

Just tell her you want a bit more muscle.

Good for you OP :) Same reason for me; I always eat healthy because my mom is overweight

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If she's gained that much weight she may need to be confronted and needs some help getting the weight off.

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I wonder how quickly she gained the weight. either way, gaining 100 pounds in any time frame is never good.