By MrG - 12/10/2014 03:14 - United States

Today, I had to write, "Do not use to freeze cat," on my bag of ice because my sister's cat died, and she refuses to bury it. FML
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Gonna Start to smell real soon.


What a pussy.

This one was weak.

That pun was a catastrophe ... I'll show myself out.

I'll admit that pun was kind of a feliny in the ice of the law.

Gonna Start to smell real soon.

Frozen animals look seriously creepy. If she wants to keep a fond memory of her cat it's best not to freeze it, or let it decompose for that matter.

What do you suggest she do with the cat? Once she buries him, the cat will start to decompose. I've seen urns for pets. Maybe the sister is looking to cremate him by preserving the cat in the freezer 'til she finds a place to do it? I know the thought is gross but people do crazy things when their beloved furry friends expire.

She could get him/her stuffed.

Even if she does get the cat stuffed, she'll have to try to preserve him as much as possible until she brings in the cat for that process. That's probably why she's freezing him?

The vet (or the taxidermist) does that for you, in freezers designed for this very purpose. It is not safe, or sanitary to freeze your dead pet at home, not to mention it's beyond selfish if it's a shared freezer. If she wants her cat cremated or stuffed she needs to take it to the vet or the taxidermist ASAP. Not leave it to slowly rot until she can make her mind up.

Let go with mummification. Yeah that seems like a good way to preserve and maintain the integrity of the animal....

Maybe just throw it away and say it went to cat heaven

That's a terrible idea.

it ran away to a big farm upstate? or is it too late for that spill?

Okay, who let the cat into the bag?

That's pretty nasty imo. Can't you bury the cat? Maybe make a small funeral out of it for your sister, she might appreciate it.

Plus, when it starts to smell and decompose she is going to be a bit freaked out. Better for her to remember the cat as it was then smelly and decomposing. I would give her options on what she can do: bury, cremation, even cutting off a lock of hair and creating a memory box after, but tell her that freezing it is not an option and not fair to the cat. Tell her the cat needs to be put to rest so he can feel peace. Hopefully that may work!

Explain to her that the cats soul will get peace when she burys it. I'm sure she's hurt

Bury it for her

Maybe she just can't stand to bury it. We get very attached to our furry friends. When my dog died, my sister buried him for me, and I was very thankful. Maybe you should talk to her and find out what exactly she plans to do with it. There are places that will cremate your pet and put them in an urn. My friend did that to her cat. He's in a little decorated wooden box...on the table, but we won't go into that.

it's okay to act bit that way. she must have loved that cat much

It's ok to be upset and unsure of what's best, but trying to freeze it in your house is not ok. Even though the sister is hurting she either has to make a decision about what to do, or let someone else make that decision for her.