By Anonymous - 04/06/2013 16:05 - United States

Today, I had to walk home in the rain because my mom didn't want to get her new car wet. FML
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Well, next time she asks you to wash her car tell her the same thing.

Yeah, because it has an allergy to water. Come on, you should know better.


Yeah, because it has an allergy to water. Come on, you should know better.

Maybe it was a convertible and she didn't know how to put the top up?

Rain doesn't just bring harmless water. It also brings mud. Next time it rains, and you enter your house, take a good look at the big mess in your foyer! Then break out the towels and mop. :P

How does it not make sense? OP never specified what type of car it was. Could very well be a convertible.

I think OP would mention if it was a convertible.

#46- hypothetically, if it was a convertible and the mother didn't know how to put the top up, she would still drive it home, thus the car would still be wet, so there was no reason for op to get out the car if your reasoning is true. Unless she was already at home...

What?! I thought that the mom didn't want to take the car out into the rain to go pick up OP from somewhere like school.

I know my bad... I posted it then re-read the post and I couldn't delete the post

How does that not make sense? Go back to your lite weights if she can't get the top up the inside would be ruined therefore not wanting to get her car wet.

When my dad first bought his brand new supercar, he would not take it out at all, unless it was a bright sunny day. I ended up having to sleep over at friends houses many times because of it. Luckily, I have gotten my license since those dark times.

Cars are indeed very allergic, it's all that acid rain, volatile stuff.

Op, seriously F*** your mom

96 - That's sounds slightly incestual.

She sounds like an interesting person to deal with.

Time to use the granite maul you've been dying to try

I work at a car wash and know tons of people that wouldn't want their new car out in the rain before it got a good wash and protective coat put on it. Kind of a dick move but still.

Well, next time she asks you to wash her car tell her the same thing.

That's gold Doxy! GOLD!

Sure is. Glad someone said it

Don't you know rain water will make it lose that new car smell!? Selfish kids these days...

Do not you know? That doesn't make sense.

actually it does. Use you peabrain.

59- you're not on here often are you...

Wait, but that smell is on the inside...

I bet she's gonna top it up on olive oil cos she won't let her car 'drink that cheap' stuff -.- Get serious mom.

Well you wouldn't want it to shrivel up into a smart car, would you?

The next time it rains, you know what to do

She rained on your parade -_-

How does she plan on ever getting it washed? Sorry OP. Next time she needs a favor make up a dumb excuse like she did

NickaPLZ 26

I feel her pain. That new velvet exterior job they're doing now is some delicate shit.