By Holly - 29/08/2012 04:59 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, I had to wait in a hospital room because I cut myself with a knife while trying to open a box of soda. After three stitches, I went home only to notice the box has an easy-open tab. FML
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The laceration I can fix. The stupid, not so much.

Examine before you take action.


Examine before you take action.

yeah, especially since there has been the easy open tabs for the past few years now

Wow your parents didn't teach you shit

Tobi is obito uchiha.

saransh 3

Wow! Read instructions always!

Instructions often are boring and make you feel like a morron...

Oh the irony...

youjustmademelol 4

Do soda boxes have instructions? I so, I don't know a single person who would read them..

Marrach 7

Are you telling me you happen to read the directions of everything you buy? If you do, you must be miserable.

Marrach 7

"Dangers/Warnings" Soda Cans may burst depending on location and conditions. Avoid being boxed by this object Top of can may often be pointy Don't touch the rim as you will get cut Use easy tab ...I don't see any in reality but if they didn't include it, there's obviously a reason.

How can you be so eager to open a box f beverages? Look at the box before you get a knife.

Why do u even need a knife its VERY thin Cardboard

I needed my machete to get through my box of..... wait OP is an idiot.

Don't worry op, The thing about lieing is you can make up what ever story you want too, when someone asks how you cut your hand.

Your grammar gave me eye cancer.

Want to be my friend noor, I'm very lonely

Does this mean we will do it together and be blood brothers!!!!!!'n

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Sirin is my friend that's why--- success!!

9 - Whatever you're using to browse this app/website gave me iCancer.

Natural selection tried to strike again.

Anything under 10 stitches is not worth going to ER. Use tape to make butterfly stitches.

TheDrifter 23

Calm down there Michael Meyers. There are plenty of safe ways to get to the soda without getting all stabby.

Wow, YDI. Examine the box next time.

The laceration I can fix. The stupid, not so much.

Have you not opened a box of soda recently? They're all easy to open.

#14, Baking soda box is harder, but the back of a spoon works

I obviously wasn't talking about baking soda.

Always cut AWAY from yourself. Ahhh, I remember my first cola, except I didn't end up in the hospital! Just be happy doc bastard wasn't your doctor.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Your comment confused the hell out of me. Were you trying to make a Step Brothers reference or do you actually remember your first cola?