By please leave... - 13/02/2013 19:33 - United States - Roanoke

Today, I had to use a public bathroom. I have problems going when other people are there, so I waited until everyone left. Two girls noticed I was taking a long time, and started giggling and throwing notes under the door asking if I was alive. This continued for half an hour. FML
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Should have used the notes to wipe and pass back under the door. No? Too graphic?

You can tell their lives are great when they have that much time to waste doing that...


Did the notes help?

I guess they could have. You didn't need to worry about running out of toilet paper.

I probably would have yelled at them to gtfo...

I don't know about you, but that is NOT someplace I'd want a paper cut.

I would've wiped my ass with one and passed it back

they sound really immature!

I don't see why #92 got thumbed down. She's right. Those girls need to grow up.

Forget about it op there the ones with the problem


Seriously? EDIT: Damn it, you beat me to it. But still...Seriously?? :D

Nope, guess again...third times a charm I guess?


I panicked...sorry guys

Fixing others typo seems to be the latest rage on FML.

I don't think fixing typos is new... There have always been grammar natzis

69- Yeah, I know I've always been around. Really though, if you want your idea to be perceived and understood fully, and without question, impeccable grammar can't hurt.

O mi gawd u gies hav da werst grammer ive evr sene?

Who cares what they think you're in there to do your business!

Where's her office again? Stall #7?

It took me a while to figure out what you meant until I re-read my comment lol!

They should mind they're own business.

You can tell their lives are great when they have that much time to waste doing that...

Should have used the notes to wipe and pass back under the door. No? Too graphic?

I had the similar thought, but OP has problem going if there are other people around, so that won't happen..

She should get a License to Chill like the person above me, that might help her.

Sounds like those two girls need to get a life..

I'd say, they sound like the ones who decided to wait for someone to come out after a bout for a laugh. They really need to find better places to hang out.

That was really mean. It was none of their business. Look at it this way, FTheirL because they have nothing better to do than to torment people.

That's messed up don't people understand that bathroom time is a place of tranquility and peace.

I don't think peace and tranquility are possible in a public bathroom. It's usually a massacre full of tormented guts and people with poor hygienic habits.

What I'm saying is, its messed up when you can't take a shit in peace.

This is true.

You know what I hate kut. Is when I go to take a poo and I forget my phone. It's like being stranded on a little porcelain island.

I don't know how the old timers did it.

I honestly don't know. Maybe counting tiles...I'll just go ahead and say reading the shampoo ingredients and what not..

Shampoo works as a last resort but those of us that had been in the scouts always had a magazine within reach.

What about newspapers zango? They babe been around for a long time.

The babe word shouldn't be there. I don't even know how the hell that happened.

That looks like an iphone autocorrect. Did you mean 'have' by any chance?

Haha yes my good man that is the word that should be there. And yup I do have an iphone.

ICastillo, the trouble with newspapers is the print comes off and they can be a bit big to manhandle as well. A magazine folded in half along it's spine rests perfectly on most human thighs.

At least they weren't making racehorse noises at you.

No sh*t? That sucks!

What dafuq would posses you to say this?

too bad the double meaning of this comment is probably unintended..