By seriously_CAT
Today, I had to try to convince my roommate that, yes, you do need to use dish soap when you hand wash dishes because of bacteria in old food. She still won't believe me, insisting that, "there's no such thing as bacteria in food". FML
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  dragoongirl90  |  34

While that works in theory, how is OP to know which dishes are the ones she washed? It's like at my mom's, I have to wash the dishes BEFORE and AFTER because my mother doesn't know how to anymore, and there is no way to tell if she hasn't used my dishes or not. The only solution might be to take the clean ones she plans to use and hide them in her room. It's what I started doing.


Soap in the shower is to remove dirt, sweat, and the various undesirable (eg BO producing) fungi/molds that have built up on your skin. It has nothing to do with "killing germs"

By  Le_ponderer  |  14

Your room mate is an extreme optimist. She has apparently never eaten a contaminated or poorly prepared salad and spent agonizing hours in the loo wondering why she did not just eat dried nuts instead. Live and learn OP.