By Kayla - United States
Today, I had to take two buses home from a friend's house. After waiting in the cold for the second bus for 40 minutes, it finally came and I realized that I'd left my wallet on the first bus. It took me 2 hours to walk home and I was locked out because my house key is attached to my wallet. FML
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  Rei_Ayanami  |  18

You're right, it DOES suck, because the have their wallet, so most likely their license, so their home address, AND their house key. OP, change your locks NOW.

  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

60- stopping trolling? I'm just saying its retarded to keep ur house key with ur wallet bc what if someone pickpocket u then u lose money and possibly every thing in ur house


Somebody has already said it once but I'll say it again. If they had no intention of having their keys and their wallet separate (maybe they are forgetful and leave their keys around) that would be more than reason enough. I'm not trolling I'm telling you what I think of you.