By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Glasgow
  Today, I had to take a dump at work. I walked into the bathroom and opened a stall, only to find what I can only describe as a fecal crime scene. It was like a turd had exploded mid-air. It was so vile, my anxiety kicked in and I broke down into a sobbing panic attack. FML
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  snarkytruth  |  37

#8. I agree there has been a rash of posts claiming they have anxiety. Have to wonder how many are diagnosed clinically or self diagnosing. Like it's suddenly cool to have or conversely as an excuse. I hope everyone posting about anxiety is getting proper help. Otherwise misuse of the term hurts those that actually have real clinical anxiety. OP- unfortunately those nasty poop disasters can never be unseen. I feel for you. I hope you at least had other options. I've seen one that "rose above" the seat level many inches. I still see it vividly when hearing about gross toilet stories and wonder if it was one person or many gross people adding to the disaster creating said masterpiece. Just have to be thankful we weren't the ones that made the mess. Yet at least... Could make for a funny illustrated cartoon. Maybe help take the anxiety out of it seeing it in that context as well.