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At least it's not the wingding font!


I hate that font.. but I hate times new roman more

Comic Sans is for noobs.

i dont know if people know wht you mean, but i do... and i approve

Better than it being those squares....

1, such a clever comment.

Me too, number 30. Me too.

lol 36 as is yours Hahah

Psh, you people are noobs, ABIGAIL

comic sans is the shit! :L

cyanide and happyness ftw!!!

yeah lol ^^^ I was going to say that :P

Thank god for Cyanide and Happiness.

it's not a legal document if its in that font then

I bet tall Justin typed them like that...

comic sans rule!!!

Am I the only one who had to check out what Comic Sand looked like?

I knew I wasn't the only one who screamed that out...

I knew I wasn't the only one who screamed that out...

I knew I wasn't the only one who screamed that out...

I am SO GLAD some people got the reference to my comment!

lol, I like how there are like five people in on the joke hahaha

Now all we need is a sad guy named Larry.

I LOVE C&N!!!! :D


so THATS what comic sans means

comic sans size 14 bold and red is my fav.

haha I just did to and y is it such a big deal?

I meant I checked what comic sans is

167/168 it's a reference to the web comic "Cyanide and Happiness". that's what the big deal is.

I actually went and searched that cyanide and happiness comic. All I have to say is COMIC SAAAANNNNNSSS!

COMIC SANS!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that

-shakes fist angrily-

look up Papyrus THATS THE SHIT

nobody likes you, tall Justin!

isn't it from cyanide and happiness

What would you choose for a legal document instead of Times New Roman or Arial? Helvetica? Seriously.

windings... duh!

I don't get it. what's the big deal?

yes. you are the only one.

Okay, I had to go look up this 'cyanide and happiness' thing, since so many of you apparently like it... Maybe it's just me, but..... is it supposed to be funny or something?

me neither wats so bad about thAT ?#

No no, it's COMIC SAAAAAAAAANS!!!! Not COMIC SANS!! ppl these days...

Poor, poor Sad Larry...

Thank you, captain obvious

Helen Keller would have loved to go through those documents. You'll live

Who wrote them a 6 year old

Sorry #4, Max has a soft spot in his heart for 6-year-olds, apparently.

Somebody wrote them a six year old?

what the hell is wrong with that? they'll make them look unprofessional maybe. but they would ALSO be easier to read.

Not likely, many 6 year olds have not had the worldly experience or patience to write any legal documents, let alone hundreds of pages of them. However there is not valid evidence to rule six year olds out the question. At first glance I would guess the writer to be at least 30 years of age. Likely a "man child" as I like to refer to them.

how about an extremely gifted 6 year old? einstein jr!!!!

...comic sans is probably the coolest font ever

Have you ever heard of punctuation?

Einstein was of average intelligence until he got bored of his patent office job and decided to learn physics and calculus in his breaks. He was not any smarter than you or I.

good one.

Wtf?!?! This isn't even an FML! "Oh, it's written I'm Comic Sans, FML"

At least it's not the wingding font!

Or that font that is just square zeros. [][][][][] [][][] [][][] [][][][][]. I used barracks for the zeros. 8)

22, I think you mean brackets, not a place for garrisoning troops.

33 well I didn't know. They say you learn something new everyday... I doubt that is true because I don't but today I did. 8)

That's the best font and one of the easiest to read!

let's all thumb #85 down for his trollin'!

95 nah I rather thumbs down yours... oh look, I did. 8)

Oh that went well 95. LOL JK.

omg I HATEE that font!!!

33- you don't know the difference between barracks and brackets? dear god...

haha the word wingding makes me laugh(:

22 - Isn't that for Asian characters or something else?

131- ever thought it was a spelling mistake?

Was it legal documents for a lemonade stand?

my cousin had their wedding font in wingdings.

who doesn't love the wingding font :D

#147 what do you mean by that's for azn !!!!?????

Just read them. It's not that big of a deal.

You do not understand

Comic Sans isn't hard to read. Are you saying they look unprofessional? They could've used wingdings. :D

i love comic sans!

I think, as somebody who may deal with hordes of legal documents, he is saying that it irritates him to see the unprofessional font over and over again.

#52 has the right idea. It's like if a female lawyer showed up in court wearing an extremely low-cut shirt, short skirt, tons of make-up, and hooker heels. That outfit may be acceptable in other places, but not in her particular field. Unwritten rules and "professional" practices are part of what you sign up for. So you follow them unless you want to be thought less of by your peers.

71 she would also probably win her case dressed like that.

#73, or get kicked out by the judge and written about in a national paper. It's happened.

if Casey Anthony had a lawyer like that the case would have been much more entertaining

in Winnipeg, that kinda happened, but the result was the judge being disbarred for soliciting a three-way with the defendant. I can't even make this shit up!

it's webdings bro(:

I use that font on like everything... o.o

Let me guess, you're an 11 year old?

9- I just got the sudden urge to shoot you for some reason

You're only 6 years off. Good try though, buddy. Also, it's called sarcasm. Chill.

11-6=5 idiot ! fail ! before criticise , do the math , pun intended !!!

49- McGruff says, stay in school.

Now I wanna know what #9 said!!

you are so dumb. and you look even more retarded correcting someone when you spell criticizing*** wrong. you are one huge epic fail. Go away.

116 Don't be so ignorant you look like a total ass. People in the uk spell criticise with a 's'. You're welcome.

I don't know by, but on my computer it said "9" not "11". So I just did "9-6=3". How did the 9 get changed to an 11 all of the sudden. I'm really confused now.

actually, it did say 11. she said " I'm guessing you're an 11 year old?" so yeah 11 - 6 = 5

115, #9 is the comment you are replying to.

who really gives a shit? just read them

so do I... now I feel awkward and unprofessional:( haha

You guys should switch to binary.

That's better.

Oh the irony. He made the switch to binary, but his message reads otherwise. 01001001 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110011 01110100 00100000 01010100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000111 01100001 01101101 01100101 ;)

Damn Comic Sans MS! I think that font is so bad that the use of it should be voted on in every country.

since when IAmScrubs get thumbs down?!?!

I think Scrubs done goofed..

The thumbs are per comment, not per commentor. Don't hate.

Breakout Wingdings as a reply message.