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  Little4Bear  |  10

*takes #2's hand and slams his palm into his face again*
(that was a face palm on my behalf for those who don't get it..) OP, I hope she was joking and that she's not really that stupid.

  monnanon  |  13

i know wherr the USA is but i will admit that i dont know where all the states are. the coastal ones i know plus Florida and Texas but some of them i have no idea with. I would not expect a non brit to know where the home counties or speyside was though.

  Futacy  |  29

#97 Actually, almost half of our states are coastal; 23 states border either the Atlantic, Pacific, or the Gulf of Mexico. I wouldn't expect someone who's not from here to know all of them.

  kathryn14  |  19

I really just don't understand how people don't know this stuff, I live in texas and I can tell you where every state is like that should be normal

  DaDezza244  |  31

#8, stereotypical comments are Not funny and. Secondly, that second sentence made no sense at all. it is also irrelevant to the FML.

OP- I think your daughter should retake her geography class

  SarMarJo  |  17

#8, I just want to say something. I have a degree in business, and I wasn't taken as seriously because of my natural hair color. I dyed my hair from blonde to brown because I got sick of it. It's people like you... I could stereotype you based off of your profile picture, but I'm not gonna stoop that low.

  Suaria  |  37

Can you please stop stereotyping? I am currently in high school but I will have you know I am a straight A student. Also, I am blonde.

By  perdix  |  29

Why would she need a map? She's already here!

Some people have very limited brainal capacity, so you should only tell them stuff they need to know.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Perhaps Op's daughter already used up her available space walking, talking, breathing, holding her water until she found a toilet, getting dressed in the morning, texting, and worshipping One Direction.
Can't expect too much more here, can we? ;P