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  LevyLove  |  17

15: Sorry, but it's not implying that. Serving someone is filing for and them receiving a restraining order or any notice stemming from Civil Court, a lot of times by court processors. . But hey, who says their occupation can't be a judge too tho right? :)

  ObeyStudKing  |  4

You lack intelligence. He couldn't serve his own father because the Judge frowns upon this. It will cause chaos. Attorneys always tell their clients (Respondent or Petitioner) not to do so unless you want to invite conflict of interest into your court case.
It maybe likely that the father and son don't get along. By him serving his father calls for conflict of interest. I know this because I've studied the Law for 2 years.

  MistaKrista  |  8

34- I think you took this a little too literal... First: She probably means; Why didn't the boyfriend handle it himself? It's his father, so he should have talked to his father to get him to stop or threatened him. Second: Something tells me he did, and it didn't work. If you have to go as far as a restraining order, it's usually because you've tried all the other methods and it didn't work.

  dbt88  |  15

Will someone please point out to me where it says OP's boyfriend is the one who filed for a restraining order? It'd be weird no matter who the petitioner is.